Templates & Resources

In order to provide the printable resources HSU faculty and staff need, without waiting for custom design and printing, we are providing the templates and resources below for you to customize and use at any time. Please feel free to download and customize any of these for campus use. These templates are designed to provide a high-quality starting place for memos, event flyers, or other Microsoft Word documents.

Typography and Fonts

While HSU’s official typefaces are not licensed for widespread distribution, we have selected two groups of fonts that fit the look and feel of our template designs. These fonts should already be installed on your computer. If you open one of the template files below and do not have the appropriate fonts installed, please restart your computer. If needed, you can install these fonts manually. All of the selected font files are available via the .zip file below.

Download Fonts

Photography Resources

These templates also have areas for photos. Our Visual Media department provides a large number of high-quality photography resources for campus use. Please feel free to download and use any of these photos for use in your flyers and other materials.


Click on the picture to download Event Program style A guide.

Click on the picture to download Event Program style B guide.



Flyer Half Page – Style A

Flyer Half Page – Style B

Flyer Half Page – Style C

Flyer Half Page – Style D

Flyer Half Page – Style E

Full Page Flyer – Style A

Full Page Flyer – Style B

Room Signage Word Template

Stylized Word – Multi-Page Document

Stylized Word – Style A

Stylized Word – Style B

Stylized Word – Style C

Stylized Word – Style D

Stylized Word – Style E

Stylized Word – Style F

Stylized Word – Style G

Stylized Word – Style H

Stylized Word Cover Page

PPT Template

Spirit PPT Template

Academic Shield

Horse and Rider

Spirit HSU

Spirit Multi-Logo

Spirit Pattern