Tuition Costs & Fees

Paying for college is a team effort between students, their families, and a university. Hardin-Simmons strives to decrease the cost of attendance while also maintaining high academic standards. The Financial Aid Office considers each students’ personal financial situation and is available to assist students throughout the financial aid process.

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Good News

We are so proud to say that 99% of our first-year students received some form of financial aid!

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Payment Plan

In an effort to make paying for college easier, we offer students a payment plan that breaks up your tuition into 4 payments throughout the semester.

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Applying for as many scholarships as possible is a great way to make college tuition more affordable. Be sure to apply for the Hardin-Simmons specific scholarships that we offer.

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Undergraduate Costs for 2021-2022

At Hardin-Simmons, we try to make the financial piece of attending college as easy as possible. Below are the tuition and fees broken down by category so that you easily understand the total cost.

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Annual Costs

(Not including course-specific fees, books, other misc. fees) 2021-2022 2022-2023
Tuition* $29,526 TBD
     Required Fees $2,160
     Residence Hall** $4,700
     Meal Plan*** $5,240
Total direct cost (Fall and Spring) $41,626
Less average scholarship/grant package –$15,940
Net price / year $25,686

* Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition & Fees (12-17 hours per semester; does not include course-specific fees)
Part Time undergraduate tuition is $935 per hour
Undergraduate nursing is $800 per hour
Online RN to BSN is $400 per hour
** Minimum residence hall, shared room
*** Minimum meal plan

Residence Hall Room & Utility Rates, per semester
Year ’21-’22 ’22-’23
Behrens, Nix, Anderson $2,350 TBD
Lange $2,900
Ferguson $2,700
Room, May Term TBD
Room, Summer Sessions TBD
Single Room Charge (If available)*
Fall & Spring Semesters
May/Summer Semesters
Additional 50% of normal room rate Additional 50% of normal room rate
University Place & Wolf Apartments
All rates are for each term (fall, spring)**
Building 2 and Wolf Apartments
4 bedroom 2 bath $2,100
2 bedroom 1 bath $2,420
2 bedroom 2 bath $3,030
1 bedroom 1 bath $3,190
Building 3, 4, 7 & 9 Apartment rates (New)
4 bedroom 2 bath $2,580
2 bedroom 1 bath $2,840
2 bedroom 2 bath $3,300
1 bedroom 1 bath $3,640

*UPA Utility Rates/student/semester:
4 bed | 2 bath $125
2 bed | 1 or 2 bath $250
1 bed | 1 bath  $425

**Summer Housing Applications due April 30th:
May Term $400
Summer 1 & 2 $450 ea.
Entire Summer $1200

On-Campus House Rent and Utility Rates

(Single Student) Cost/Student/Semester

  • 1 bedroom 1 bath-$2,900
  • 2 bedroom 1 bath-$2,400
  • 2 bedroom 2 bath-$2,800
  • 3 bedroom 1 bath-$2,200
  • 3 bedroom 2 bath-$2,420

(Family Student) Cost/Family/Semester

  • 1 bedroom 1 bath-$2,900
  • 2 bedroom 1 bath-$3,500
  • 2 bedroom 2 bath-$3,800
  • 3 bedroom 1 bath-$4,650
  • 3 bedroom 2 bath-$5,100

*Flat utility rates are applied at the beginning of each term per house and dived equally in spaces occupied by two or more student residents:
1 bed | 1 bath, 2 bed | 1 or 2 bath : $1050
3 bed | 1 or 2 bath $1500

Resident Meal Plans
As a student living in a Residence Hall, HSU requires you to purchase meals from the University dining facility. HSU provides you a choice from the meal plans listed below. The Unlimited plan is the most flexible choice, since you can eat as often and as many times per semester as you like. The Dining Dollars are cash dollars available for making purchases in the POD, the Sandwich Shack, the dining hall and/or Gilbert’s coffee shop. With the change of housing policy that allows rising second year on-campus students to live in our on-campus apartments, there is a full meal plan requirement.
Price per semester ’21-’22 ’22-’23
Unlimited Meals (includes sales tax plus $50 Dining Dollars) $2,950 TBD
Weekly 14 (includes sales tax plus $100 Dining Dollars) $2,640
Weekly 10 (includes sales tax plus $250 Dining Dollars) $2,410
Non-Resident Meal Plans
If you are a non-resident student at HSU, you can still buy a meal plan and eat in the dining facility with your friends when you are on campus. HSU offers three choices of Block meal plans to non-resident students. The Block represents the total meals you purchase for a semester. When you use those meals is up to you. You only lose meals under the Block if you do not use all of them by the end of the semester. The Dining Dollars are cash dollars available for making purchases in the POD, the Sandwich Shack, the dining hall, and/or Gilbert’s coffee shop.
Price per semester ’21-’22 ’22-’23
Block 80 (80 meals/semester; includes sales tax plus $75 Dining Dollars) $980 TBD
Block 50 (50 meals/semester; includes sales tax plus $50 Dining Dollars) $620
Block 30 (30 meals/semester includes sales tax plus $180 Dining Dollars) $570
General fee
Year ’21-’22 ’22-’23
Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters – 12 hours or more $1,080 TBD
Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters – 9-11 hours $820
Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters – 5-8 hours $580
Fall/Spring/Summer Semesters – 1-4 hours $390
Re-registration fee to reinstate classes if dropped due to non-payment $100
Change of schedule after regular registration, per course dropped $20
Departmental examination for credit (Advanced Standing/Placement) $50
Diploma (for each original duplicate, or replacement diploma) $40
Music facilities fee, per semester hour of private lessons $75
Music private instruction fee, per semester hour $275
Physical education activity courses (Lab fee) $50
Special examination $30
Transcript, per copy (accounts must be current before transcripts are issued) $10
Post Office Express $35
Audit fee (fee charged for auditing – not for credit), per semester hour $100
School of Nursing security fee (background check) $50
School of Nursing malpractice insurance fee $20
School of Nursing soft exam fee $65
Returned check $35
Student ID card replacement $25
Payment plan enrollment fee $80
Late payment fee (payment received 5 days or more after due date) $80