Campus Safety

Reach Campus Police at: 325-670-1461

A safe, secure, and welcoming home away from home is a top priority for everyone at Hardin-Simmons. We achieve this with a dedicated campus police force, Title IX training for all employees, and most importantly, a commitment to God’s commandment to us as Christians: Love your neighbor as yourself.

Part of our commitment includes disclosing how well we are achieving our goals.

Campus Safety Report

A safe learning environment is essential for students to focus on academic achievements and maintaining high standards for a successful education and future.

Locations of emergency phones:

  • Northwest side of Simmons Parking Lot
  • Behrens and Lange Residence Hall Parking Lot
  • North Section of Football Field
  • Northeast corner of Dyess Welcome Center
  • Northeast corner of Ferguson Residence Hall
  • Inside Mabee Hall (Physician Assistant Building)
  • Jake Sandefer Field House, East Door

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are strategically located throughout the campus:

  • AED List
  • Abilene Hall 1st floor
  • Anderson Residence Hall
  • Behrens Chapel
  • Behrens Residence Hall
  • Fletcher Fitness Center
  • Grape St. AT #1
  • Grape St. AT #2
  • Grape St. AT #3
  • Holland 1st floor
  • Logsdon Chapel
  • Mabee Complex AT
  • Mabee Complex lobby
  • Mabee Fitness Center
  • Mabee Hall (PA)
  • Moody Center 1st floor
  • University Police truck 1
  • University Police truck 2
  • Pool
  • Sandefer FH AT#1
  • Sandefer FH AT#2
  • Sandefer FH Weight Room
  • Skiles Building
  • Streich Tennis Center

The cooperation and involvement of students in a campus safety program are absolutely necessary, and that personal investment in safety and security positively impacts the community.

Safety tips include:

  • Do not share passwords/PINs
  • Keep room doors locked
  • Alternative Program: Spare vehicle key to be stored at campus police dept.
  • Call HSU Police for escort after hours
  • Report suspicious behavior in your community

Full Campus Safety Report

Three-Year Crime Statistics for 2019-2021