Residence Life

Our staff is dedicated to the learning experience of our students by building a community cultivated in a Christ-centered and transformative living environment.

Meet Your ResLife Staff!

Kelley EasonPosition: Director of Residence Life

Degrees Earned: B.A. in Religion with a specialization in Foreign Missions

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, baking, and collecting books, globes, tea pots, and house plants.

How many years in Resident Life: 3 years as the Director of Housing of a smaller college and 5 ½ years as a Resident Director/ Residence Life Coordinator at a sister school.

What is your favorite thing about being in this field?: Going to college is such a bewildering time for students. They are navigating becoming an adult, being a student, and deciding who they are and what they want to become. The best part of my job is watching those transitions and providing students opportunities to grow and connect to others.

Why did you apply to be in Residence Life?: I applied to HSU in order to continue being a part of a Christ-centered atmosphere, advance my education in higher ed, and help grow the department of Residence Life!

What advice would you give those attending HSU?: Show up. Show up to class, show up to activities that sound fun, show up for your friends and most importantly – show up for yourself.

Angelica RamirezPosition: Residence Director Anderson Hall

Hometown: Austin, TX

Degrees earned: Bachelors of Science in Biology

What are your hobbies?: Painting, Yoga, Zumba, and being outside

How many years in Residence Life? How long and what capacity?: 4 years – 2 years of being a Resident Assistant in girls dorm at Howard Payne University and 2 years Resident Assistant for apartments at Howard Payne University.

What is your favorite thing about being in this field?: My favorite thing about working in Residence Life is getting to meet students of all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Why did you apply to be in Residence Life?: I enjoyed it as both a resident and staff member from all the lifelong connections I was able to make. The community you develop during college is many times the people living next door to you, and who you go to events with, so I believe being intentional in Residence Life can drastically impact a students college experience for the better. If there is anyway I can enrich a students experience at HSU, I want to be a part of that!

What advice would you give those attending HSU?: Be intentional with your experience here! It is apart of God’s divine plan that you are at HSU, every person you encounter, event you attend and class you take is all for a reason!

Riley SmithPosition: Residence Director of Behrens Hall

Hometown: San Angelo/Abilene, TX

Degrees Earned: B.B.A in Marketing

What are your hobbies? Firstly, spending quality time with my wife, Kami, is by far my favorite hobby! I enjoy almost anything if friends are involved: Getting coffee and chatting, shooting hoops, listening to and sharing music. Getting out in nature brings me a lot of peace, whether it’s camping out, fishing, or hunting! I also love playing golf and learning about the history and mechanics of the game.

How long in Residence Life? 2 years as an RA, and working on my first full year as an RD!

What is your favorite thing about this field? I’m immensely thankful for the opportunity to connect with and pour into young men in meaningful and practical ways. The skills and passions developed within your time in residence life will translate to any field you may find yourself in later on in life, and I strongly believe that the Lord does a huge work within the hearts of the young men and women who commit to investing their time and energy into serving their peers in the role of RA. Getting to witness it all happen is such a privilege!

What advice would you give those attending HSU. Don’t wait to firmly step into the life that Jesus has called you to and receive the grace which he died to provide for you. If we are in Christ, he has clothed us with his own righteousness. Let’s not forget that! In the words of Paul, “I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring to completion at the day of Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 1:6. Our culture has lied to us regarding maturity, truth, and purpose. In Him we have an open door to all of these things, and I believe he is waiting for us to simply ask for them. As a student at HSU, you have a chance to structure your goals, dreams, and daily habits around a life surrendered to the plan of the Father, which is immeasurably better than any plan we could conceive ourselves. Don’t waste this time or this opportunity!

Leandria ThurmanPosition: Residence Director of Lange Residence Hall

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Degrees Earned: Associate’s in Science from Dallas College; B.A. in Graphic Design from Hardin-Simmons University

What are your Hobbies? I love drawing, especially my own original characters! I love to write, listen to music, cook, dance and go on cool adventures with my friends!

How many years in Residence Life? This will be my second year in ResLife! I was an RA for one year here at Hardin-Simmons!

What is your favorite thing about working in Student Life/Higher Education/Residence life? My absolute favorite thing about working in higher education is the relationships you build and the connections you make. It brings me joy when I am able to pour into someone else. I truly enjoy making a difference in someone’s life.

Why did you apply to be in Residence Life? I applied to be in Residence Life because I wanted to make a huge difference in the students’ lives. I believe Residence Life is the best place for this because it enables you to be very hands on with the students. It gives you a chance to mentor and help guide students during this time in their lives.

What advice would you give those attending HSU? My advice to students would be to step out of your comfort zone and seek God in all you do. Go experience different cultures and be open to them! You never know what doors it will open and what people you will meet! Through all of this, never forget to seek God! He has the best plan for you, and it is all awesome! He will completely blow your mind! A relationship with him is totally worth it! Adventures with God are always the best! 

Seth TiemeyerPosition: On Campus Houses Residence Director

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Degrees Earned: BSHS in Fitness, Recreation, and Sports Management; Minor in Marketing

What are your hobbies? Playing any sport (preferably basketball), board gaming, gaming, NFTs, videography, watching movies, adventuring in nature, and reading.

How long in Residence Life? This is my first year in Residence Life!

What is your favorite thing about this field? Interacting and engaging with students!

What advice would you give those attending HSU?

Many people attending college are still searching for their purpose, much like I was at times during my stay at HSU. All I know is if God is real and if His word is true, then everyone who turns from their sin and places their faith in the saving work that Jesus Christ did on the Cross will have a real, life-fulfilling purpose. Don’t spend all your time at HSU focusing on your studies. A degree and a well-paying job will never bring us true satisfaction; only Christ can do that.

And, a few more things:

  • Life is more than grades, money, possessions & status. All of those things are passing away.
  • Here are three things that are eternal – God, God’s word, and people’s souls. Those are the three things we should devote our lives to.
  • Read the Bible more than you look at your phone.
  • Exercise and laugh!
  • Life is better spent with family and friends.
  • Play outside and laugh some more.
  • Joy comes from contentment in Christ, not your significant other.
  • Giving is better than receiving.
  • Our chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.