Campus Houses

The university owns approximately 60 homes in close proximity to the Hardin-Simmons campus. Many of these units came from Camp Barkley and were moved to campus after WWII. The units are primarily one-bedroom duplexes and two-bedroom houses. There are also limited three bedroom houses available.

Residents at most homes are responsible for gas and electricity, with some homes also required to pay the water/sewer. Residents are also responsible for any other services they wish to provide (phone, internet, cable). Each unit has central heat, but select homes require residents to provide their own window air conditioners. All houses have washer/dryer hookups as well as fenced-in back yards.

University-owned homes have a no-pet policy. These homes are available to any graduate, family, or any other student who may require special accommodations. Family students include any married student or student with a dependent.

Please contact if you are interested in living in the University Place Apartments or the HSU Houses.

The campus houses are all located with six blocks of the HSU campus and are patrolled regularly by the HSU Police Department. These units are unfurnished, with the Student Resident supplying their own furniture. The kitchens come equipped with a refrigerator/freezer, oven, and stove. It is important to note that most of the campus houses have central heat but no air conditioning. The Student Resident(s) will be expected to provide and service their own window units.

Electricity, water and gas services are all connected in the University’s name and the Student Resident will be billed monthly for these services to their account in the HSU Business Office. If cable or internet service is desired, the Student Resident can arrange for these services on their own with any provider that they choose, but may not have anything affixed to the unity or any new holes drilled into the exterior of the unit. In addition, these services cannot be billed to the Student Resident’s account in the Business Office. Many of the campus houses are located together in a central block on Anderson, Caldwell, and Vogel. These central block houses are not billed for water each month.