Campus Regulations

The cooperation and involvement of students in a campus safety program are absolutely necessary, and that personal investment in safety and security positively impacts the community.

The Student Handbook is provided to articulate the standards, policies, and other aspects of being a member of the Hardin-Simmons community. This handbook covers policy and services affecting all those who are students taking classes through HSU including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, on-line, and dual credit. In addition to our students, these policies are our expectations for all those who visit and work at HSU.

Students are strongly encouraged to keep their HSU IDs with them at all times.

Individuals found on University premises or using its services may be requested to furnish proof of identification to police officers. Entering or remaining on University property without legitimate business may subject the individual or individuals to be arrested for criminal trespassing if they refuse to leave when directed to do so by a police officer or any other person legally authorized by virtue of their employment to act on the behalf of Hardin-Simmons University (Texas Penal Code Section 30.05).

This campus is a weapons free area except to the extent allowed under applicable federal and state law. Any weapon confiscated from residence hall rooms will be released upon the discretion of the Vice President of Student Life, Dean of Students and Chief of Police. These weapons include but are not limited to the following: handguns, rifles, shot guns, knives, stun guns, Tasers, BB guns, paint guns, air guns, slingshots, pellet guns, swords, anything that resembles a weapon, or anything that the HSU Police deems as a threat. Weapons may be stored at the Hardin-Simmons University Police Department.

Any holder of a concealed handgun license issued by the state of Texas or any other state will be subject to arrest if he or she enters into any building on the property of Hardin-Simmons University or is in attendance at any sports and special events held on HSU property, and is in possession of any handgun or firearm (Texas Penal Code Section 30.06).