Transfer Students

We’re so excited to help you continue your education at Hardin-Simmons University! HSU is a place where every student – traditional or non-traditional – is welcome as part of the family. If you’re interested in transferring into HSU from another college or university, read over the information below and let us know how we can help throughout this process.

Which of my courses transfer?

This handy guide shows incoming transfer students which of their "Texas Common Core" courses match up with HSU requirements. Your courses that match these can be transferred to HSU to meet our curriculum requirements

See Course Equivalencies

At HSU, we work to make our application process as straightforward as possible. To complete the process, all you’ll need to submit are your:

    1. Free Online Application
    2. Transcripts from each college or university attended

A student with fewer than 24 transferable hours must also submit a high school transcript and a test score (ACT or SAT). Please be advised that self-reported scores must be verified prior to registration for classes, and that any variance may affect your admission status and/or scholarship award.

  • Any transfer student with at least 24 transferable hours and a 2.0 GPA or above will be eligible for general admission.
  • A student who is not eligible to re-enroll at another institution, whether for academic or disciplinary reasons, is not eligible for general admission at HSU.
  • When calculating GPA for admission, only courses that will transfer into HSU will be evaluated.

Academic Scholarships for Incoming Transfers

Scholarships 2021-22 Annual Award Eligibility* Renewal GPA
Presidents $14,000 3.50 Transfer GPA 3.25
Deans $12,000 3.00 Transfer GPA 2.75
University $10,000 2.50 Transfer GPA 2.25
Transfer $8,000 2.00 Transfer GPA 2.00
Phi Theta Kappa $2,000 Members of Phi Theta Kappa may receive this renewable scholarship in addition to their academic award. Verification by college transcript or certificate is required. Available to eligible transfer students only. 3.25


Admitted students will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Pay your $300 Enrollment Deposit (can be refunded until May 1).  The enrollment deposit reserves your place in the class and shows your intent to attend. To pay your enrollment deposit login to your application portal.

Step 2 : Register and Attend Cowboy Connect.  To register and learn more about what to expect, visit our webpage.

  • After a student’s transcripts have been received, the Registrar’s Office will prepare a course by course evaluation. Credit will be given for class work with an equivalent match at HSU and a satisfactory grade.
  • To see how courses could transfer from specific colleges, view our complete equivalencies guide. To read more information about course equivalencies, visit our Transfer Course Equivalencies page. To see degree requirements for all majors at HSU, find your degree program in our course catalog.
  • Want an unofficial transcript evaluation before applying? Just upload your transcript into this form!
  • Hardin-Simmons University’s partnership with the following community colleges creates a direct path for students to further their education at HSU. The colleges listed below will serve a guide to help you determine which courses to take at the community college level so they transfer to your HSU degree. HSU is currently working with other colleges to partner with and those colleges will be added as agreements are finalized.
  • For best results, we suggest that you use these guides in correlation with your detailed HSU degree worksheet for your specific major.

Any questions regarding a student transfer process please reach out your region Admission Counselor found here.  HSU is happy to assist you!

Request Unofficial Transcript Evaluation

Documents may be sent to:

Office of Enrollment Services
Hardin-Simmons University
PO Box 16050
Abilene, TX 79698

Fax: 325-671-2115