Graduate Program Application Checklist

Application to our graduate programs is easy. Just follow these simple procedures. (Excludes Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Master of Physician Assistant, and Doctorate in Leadership)

  1. Apply Online for free!
  2. Submit the required materials that are applicable to the program for which you are applying for.  These can be found in the “Requirements” section for each graduate degree program.

Some program webpages may not list required materials.  Your personalized application portal will give you a complete list of requirements after you submit you application.  If you have any questions please contact your Admission Counselor.

Application Materials

All materials submitted to HSU on behalf of an applicant are confidential.  Student requests for access to these materials will not be granted.


Each student must submit official transcripts of all colleges and/or universities attended.  A transcript is considered official if the following is met:

  • Received directly from the student’s college/university (via electronic service)
  • Received via post office mail
  • All courses on the transcript must be complete and not “in progress”

A completed/conferred bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university will need to be submitted.  The degree must contain a minimum of 42 advanced semester hours (courses designed for juniors and seniors).

Please note: Hours given for life experience may not be counted toward the 42-hour requirement. Students presenting degrees with less than 42 advanced hours must satisfy all other entrance requirements and complete sufficient undergraduate upper-level hours before they may be admitted.

Criminal Record / Activity

Some of our graduate degree programs may require a background check.  In the event your record comes back with criminal activity, this could impact your admission into Hardin Simmons.  We will evaluate the activity as it relates to the graduate program.

Please keep in mind, Hardin Simmons may refuse continued admission or terminate admission for students who become involved in criminal activity while at our University. Misrepresenting past or present criminal activity may result in immediate termination from HSU.

Time Limit for Application

Applications are specific to an academic year.  Applications will expire at the end of the first week of class each spring semester.  A new application must be submitted for each new academic year a student is interested in beginning a program at HSU.


Documents can be sent to:

Office of Enrollment Services
Hardin-Simmons University
Box 16050
Abilene, Texas 79698
OR emailed to