Parking and Traffic Regulations

Campus Parking Map

Vehicle Registration Form (parking sticker)


Pursuant to the provisions of the Texas Education Code, Hardin-Simmons University has promulgated these regulations to the operation and parking of vehicles on the grounds, streets, drives, alleys, and other institutional property of Hardin-Simmons University. These regulations are to ensure the safety of all persons who use the campus and provide for optimum use of limited parking facilities. The regulations apply on all parts of the campus throughout the day and night and are supplementary to all existing federal, state, and city laws pertaining to our University. The Board of Trustees of Hardin-Simmons University are authorized to employ police personnel to carry out provision of Section 51.212 of the Texas Education Code. Hardin-Simmons University Police Officers are licensed as Texas Police Officers and are vested with all the powers, privileges and immunities by the state. They are also afforded police officer status as defined in Article 2.12 of Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.

Individuals found on University premises or using its services may be requested to furnish proof of identification to police officers. Entering or remaining on University property without legitimate business may subject the individual or individuals to be arrested for criminal trespassing if they refuse to leave when directed to do so by a police officer or any other person legally authorized by virtue of their employment to act on the behalf of Hardin-Simmons University (Texas Penal Code Section 30.05).

Any holder of a concealed handgun license issued by the state of Texas or any other state will be subject to arrest if he or she enters into any building on the property of Hardin-Simmons University or is in attendance at all sports and special events held on HSU property, and is in possession of any handgun or firearm (Texas Penal Code Section 30.06).

This campus is a weapons free area except to the extent allowed under applicable federal and state law. Any weapon confiscated from resident hall rooms will be released upon the discretion of the Vice President of Student Life, Dean of Students and Chief of Police. These weapons include but are not limited to the following: handguns, rifles, shot guns, knives, stun guns, Tasers, BB guns, paint guns, air guns, slingshots, pellet guns, swords, anything that resembles a weapon, or anything that the HSU Police determines as a threat. Weapons may be stored at the Hardin-Simmons University Police Department.

All students, faculty, and staff must comply with the regulations governing motor vehicles and bicycles set forth by the University. Such agreement is implied by the actual operation of a vehicle on the Hardin-Simmons University property. While the University will make every effort to protect vehicles on its property, the University (nor its officers or employees) cannot assume any responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its content.



All motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles operated or parked on HSU property by any University employee, contract employee (ABM or ARAMARK), or currently enrolled student must be registered with the HSU Police Department and must properly display a valid permit on said vehicle.

Timely Registration

University employees and students will be allowed a grace period of five business days in which to register their vehicle or bicycle beginning with the first day of class of each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer I, Summer II). Any citation issued after the expiration of the fifth day will not be subject to dismissal.

Temporary Permits

Any motorized vehicle or bicycle that is operated on campus, must display a valid permit. Should the need arise in which a student or employee is required to operate a replacement, loaned, or leased vehicle on campus a temporary permit (free of charge) must be obtained for said vehicle within 24 hours. A first citation issued to any unregistered vehicle defined herein will be dismissed and considered a warning citation. Any subsequent citation issued to the same vehicle 24 hours or more after the first citation will not be subject to dismissal. The student/employee may use their hanging decal in any vehicle they operate on HSU property.


Visitors are defined as guests and other individuals visiting the campus on University business attending public functions, visiting the University library, attending sporting events, etc. Faculty, staff, students, their family members and friends, or other students who use a vehicle that has not been registered at HSU are not considered visitors. Other complimentary faculty, staff or students regularly assigned to work at HSU are not visitors. Guests who use the registered vehicle of a student, staff or faculty member are subject to the same parking limitations as the registrant and must park according to the decal. ACU, McM, Patty Hanks School of Nursing, Abilene and Cooper High School and Cisco Junior College students are not considered visitors while taking classes.

Attention: Student dependents of current HSU faculty and staff are not authorized to use faculty/staff parking spaces while attending class or while working at HSU. If a student is using his or her parent’s vehicle that has been issued a faculty/staff permit, he or she must park in his or her respective designated area (commuter or resident parking).

Auto Permits

  • Parking decals must be properly displayed. Place hanging decals on the rearview mirror facing forward. Taping or leaving the hanging decal on the dash or other areas of the vehicle are not allowed. Do not alter the hanging decal.
  • All hanging decals will be numbered and are color coded for parking restrictions. Residents will receive purple hanging decals and Commuters will receive gold hanging decals.
  • Monday through Friday, 7:30 am- 5:00 pm, Residents are allowed to park in all Resident Hall parking lots and in the open lots. Open lots are defined on the map with the color tan. These parking lots are also defined with signs designating the decals allowed in those parking lots
  • Additional parking is available in the “Open Parking Lots”. These include: Baseball parking lot, Cowboy Band Hall, Intermural Field, Simmons Parking Lot, Skiles Parking Lot, and Dyess Welcome Center parking lot.
  • Open parking is available to students, faculty, and staff on weekends and after 5:00pm until 7:30am on weekdays. No parking is allowed in red zones, handicap, President, Vice Presidents, Dean, Resident Hall Directors, or Reserved or Rental spaces at any time.
  • Students residing off campus (commuters) will receive a gold hanging decal and may park in any parking spaces marked “commuter”, “com/vis”, where signs indicate gold decals, or any of the open parking lots listed above.
  • Adjunct decals: Grad students, from all Universities, will receive a Commuter hanging decal and will adhere to the parking regulations of commuter parking. Visiting Professors that teach a class at HSU will receive a Commuter hanger and will be required to park in commuter parking during business hours.
  • Motorcycle and bicycle decals are required. Bicycles will be identified by the serial number located on the underside of the bike between the pedals. Bicycles are required to be parked in the bicycle racks provided. Motorcycles may park in commuter spaces and spaces marked “Motorcycle”.
  • The first hanging decal and first bicycle decal are free to all students. Any additional decal will be at the cost of $5.00 each.
  • Registration decals from McM, ACU, Abilene and Cooper HIgh School, HSU and Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing are honored at all schools. Parking regulations will differ on each campus. Students are therefore advised to check with campus police to clarify issues regarding parking & vehicle regulations on each campus.
  • Proper Display of Decal
  • Students, faculty, and staff must display their hanging decal from the rearview mirror of their vehicle, facing out.
  • The hanging decal must be displayed within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • Lost, stolen, or unreadable hanging decals must be replaced. Replacement cost is $5.00.
  • If decals are not displayed properly, the student will be subject to a traffic citation and decal replacement cost if necessary.
  • In case of a citation, the student that corresponds to the hanging decal will be charged, even if the hanging decal is on a different vehicle.
  • Lost or stolen hanging decals must be reported to the HSU Police Dept. within 24 hours. If not reported and citations that correspond with the hanging decal will be the responsibility of the student.


  • Traffic and parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ownership or a registration decal does not guarantee a parking space, nor does the absence of a parking space justify violation of any regulation.
  • Each University Police Officer has the authority to use citations for violations, to direct traffic as necessary, and to place special regulatory signs and barriers in required locations for emergency situations or special events. Other University personnel may also be designated to enforce traffic and parking regulations.
  • Washing or repairing privately owned motor vehicles on University property is prohibited.
  • The University reserves the right to inspect contents of any vehicle situated on University property at any time.
  • The university designates limited areas and times for the use of skateboards, scooters, roller skates, rollerblades or other similar wheeled devices. Use is not allowed in university buildings or on sidewalks and the city of Abilene prevents using them on streets. Use is allowed and encouraged as part of programs and events. Any student wishing to host a program should speak to the Dean of Students or the Student Activities Team.

Vehicle Operation

  • The speed limit on all University property is 15 mph.
  • All traffic control signs and devices must be obeyed.


The University enforces all city and state statutes. Such areas as no parking zones, restricted parking areas, or reserved parking areas are painted yellow, and general parking is not allowed.

Exceptions: Areas specifically marked “Faculty,” “Staff,” and/or “Visitors” may be used by anyone between 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. However, citations will be issued in these zones between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  • If angle parking has not been provided, vehicles must be parked parallel on the right side of the street or roadway.
  • Vehicles parked in angled, lined, or parallel parking spaces must be parked within the lines.
  • Handicapped parking areas are reserved for those persons who have been issued by state, county, or federal authority a handicapped parking permit. Such permits must be properly displayed in vehicles, and use of these spaces by any other vehicle for any reason is expressly forbidden. Those who may qualify for temporary handicapped space may contact the Chief of Police for consideration. Attention: Federal A.D.A. laws require all private property owners and authorities to impose zero- tolerance regarding handicapped parking spaces and fire zones. No excuse will be accepted, and citations issued in these spaces are not subject to dismissal.
  • In addition to the regulations explained in number five of this section, campus police may require that holders of handicapped permits issued by state, county, or federal agencies report to campus police to furnish verification that such permit was issued to the operator of the vehicle. If permit was issued to another person (mother, grandparent, etc.) then holder must understand that using a handicapped space is not authorized unless such person is an occupant in the vehicle.
  • Vehicles will not be allowed to pull through, or back into, a parking space.

Students from HSU, McMurry, Cisco, Patty Hanks School of Nursing, Abilene & Cooper HIgh School or Abilene Christian University receiving citations must satisfy those citations on the campus where the citation was issued.

In addition to the citation and fine system for traffic and parking violations, the following conditions could result in a vehicle being towed off campus at the owner’s expense:

  • Five or more citations within a semester or summer period.
  • Blocking a handicapped space, fire lane, roadway, alley, building exit or entrance.
  • Parking in an area designated as a tow-away zone.
  • Vehicles banned from campus by appropriated authority as a result of disciplinary action.

A schedule of charges and fines is on the back of the issued citations. If a citation is not appealed within 5 days, the citation will be posted to the student’s account.


Persons receiving a citation which they believe is unjust may:

  • Appeal to the Chief of Police for reconsideration.
  • If verbal reconsideration is denied, a traffic appeal form may be filled out and submitted to the Dean of Students who will call a meeting of the Student Traffic Committee to consider the case.

The Student Traffic Committee is composed of five members. The Chairman, two members chosen by the Dean of Students, and two members chosen by the student body President. The committee serves as an advisory board to the Chief of Police and functions as the traffic court for student appeals.

The HSU Police Department has seven direct dial safety telephones on campus. These telephones are in service 24 hours a day and are designed to enhance the safety and security of the HSU community. However, personal safety is an individual responsibility and pre-planning and common sense are the best defenses.

The telephones are in well lighted areas. To activate the telephones, push the button and hold it for two full seconds, then talk directly into the box. Complete operating instructions are posted at each site. Locations of the phones are:

  • Northwest Side of Simmons Parking Lot
  • Northeast Corner of Dyess Welcome Center
  • Northeast Corner of Ferguson Resident Hall
  • Southwest Corner of Arts and Sciences Annex
  • Inside Physical Therapy Building on the Northside
  • Behrens Hall and Lange Hall Parking Lot
  • East Side of Weight Room of Sandefer Field House

These telephones are intended to be used in contacting HSU Police Department for immediate assistance when there is a problem or potential danger. Pranks, hang-ups, harassment, or other other abuse though the use for these telephones is a violation of state law and university policies.
Some intended use of the telephones are:

  • To report a physical assault or perceived danger
  • To report suspicious people or vehicles on campus
  • To report accidents
  • To report fires
  • To call for police escort (University Police Officers will provide after hours escorts for students, faculty, staff and visitors to any campus building, campus parking areas or residential halls. Emergency escorts may be provided to off campus housing and the Grape Street Athletic Complex.)

This service is available for vehicles which are on Hardin-Simmons University properties. The complexity of locking hardware on vehicles, availability of an officer, and their ability to unlock vehicles will be the determining factor on whether or not a vehicle can be unlocked.

As an alternative program, the following services are available:

Spare vehicle keys will be stored in a secure area located at the campus police office. It is strongly recommended that students, faculty, and staff provide the police office with a duplicate vehicle key. All keys are returned upon request. Keys will be kept for one school year. If you want your spare key kept longer, contact HSU Police Department at: 325-670-1461

If a key is not stored in the campus police office, two local companies are available to offer assistance. The companies charge from $25 to $50, and there is often a half hour to two hour wait for their service.

Those companies are:

O’Bar Wrecker Service (AAA Service) – (325) 673-4581

Abilene Pop-A-Lock – (325) 677-2600