Board of Trustees

The policy-making board for the university is composed of 36 members. Board membership involves an especially close partnership with the administrative leadership of the university. This Board makes necessary bylaws changes, grants tenure and promotions of faculty, approves the annual budget and the annual audit, confers degrees, and does, performs, or delegates all necessary acts to carry into effect the objects of the university.

Among these, the Board establishes general admissions policies, determines the size and character of the student body, and approves the number and types of degrees and the number and nature of departments, programs, schools, and colleges through which the curriculum is delivered.

The regular meetings of the Trustees are held semiannually in February and October or as near there to as practical.

  • The faculty are entrusted with the responsibilities for the curriculum;
  • The administration bears responsibility for day-to-day leadership and management of the institution.

The trustees are custodians of the university’s mission. Trustees affirm and maintain the mission and purpose of the institution by setting policy, hiring and evaluating the president, and appraising the overall performance of the institute