Marketing Request Forms

The forms below are for specific requests from the different teams in University Marketing. Read closely to make sure you’re choosing the correct form for your needs. For more information or consultation regarding your needs, please contact the Office of University Marketing at (325) 670-1672 or via e-mail at

All design requests that involve printing or production require that we receive an approved purchase order (PO) number before we can begin work on the project. Please provide your PO number in the box on this form, or contact our Project Coordinator, Ana Hernandez with any additional questions.

Please note that the Office of University Marketing accepts advertisement requests via this form only. Email and phone requests will no longer be accepted. If you have questions regarding this form, please contact the Office of University Marketing at (325) 670-1871 or via e-mail at

If you require emergency website assistance, please complete this form, and send an additional email explaining your situation to

Please fill out the web request form below and attach any additional documents and/or images. Typically, simple web updates will be completed within a day or two of receipt. Complex requests and new page creation may take one to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and on the volume of work ahead of your project.