Should you need to withdraw from a course or from the University (all classes) during a semester, follow the steps for withdrawing as indicated below.

Prior to the start of the semester, a student wanting to cancel enrollment must submit the Registration Cancellation form. Failure to properly cancel registration may result in failing grades, a balance on the student account, and transcript holds.

I. Withdrawing from a Course (Drop)

After the add/drop period for a term, students must officially withdraw from a course by completing and submitting the Change of Schedule Form. The student’s advisor must sign the form. A grade of W will be assigned during the first 25% of class meetings. After 25% of class meetings, the instructor must also sign the form and award a withdraw passing (WP) or withdraw failing (WF) grade. The withdrawal grade will appear on the transcript. No refunds will be made on individual courses dropped after the closing date of official registration (the add/drop period) each semester.

II. Withdrawal from the University (Dropping All Classes)

We never want a student to leave the university but understand that unforeseen situations or circumstances occur that warrant withdrawing. We have many resources available and would like the opportunity to assist if we can. Please contact the Office of Student Life if you are unsure where to go for help, (325) 670-1859.

After the first day of the semester, a student choosing to withdraw from the University must submit a Withdraw Request. Failure to complete the withdrawal process may result in failing grades, may affect financial aid, and have other financial implications. An official withdrawal from HSU is not complete until the form is submitted and processed. See the Business Office website for information about the refund policy and schedule. After a student withdraws from the University, housing and meals may be refunded on a pro-rated basis. Any refund for tuition or housing will be based on the refund schedule as posted on the Business Office website. Financial Aid is earned based on the days of enrollment. Contact the Financial Aid Office for information specific to your account. Student housing is only available for enrolled students. Contact the Residence Director or the Director of Residence Life to arrange to move out of campus housing. Go to this page to begin the Withdraw Request process:  https://hsu-workflow2.elluciancloud.com/webentry/24/student_request

Medical Withdrawal

HSU cares deeply about the physical and mental health of its students; therefore, counseling services are available on campus. See the HSU Student Handbook for policies for medical withdrawals. If the University approves a Medical Withdrawal after the 8th day of classes, the student will receive W grades on the academic transcript.

III. Returning to the University

If you choose to return to HSU after withdrawing from the University, submit the Readmission Form to begin the readmission process.