Readmission to HSU

Welcome back to HSU! As a former student, you will follow these steps to reactivate and reenroll at HSU:

  1. Submit the Readmission Form to update your information.
  2. Did you attend another college or university since leaving HSU? If so, please order an official transcript to be sent to the Office of the Registrar, Box 16190, Abilene, TX  79698 or electronically to
  3. Do you have any holds on your HSU account? Please note that your user account will not be reactivated until all holds are cleared.
    • Student Account – For information regarding an outstanding balance on your student account, please contact the Business Office, (325) 670-1001 or
    • If you received federal Direct Loans while enrolled at HSU, you are required to complete Student Loan Exit Counseling when you leave HSU. To remove the Exit Loan Counseling hold, go to Please allow a few days for processing and removal of the hold. For more information or assistance, contact Melinda Murphy, or (325) 670-1212.
  4. Were you on Academic Suspension? If your academic standing was Academic Suspension when you left HSU, you may need to also submit a suspension appeal.
    • First Suspension, simply submit the Readmission Form if you have been away for at least one long semester. Note: course work taken while on Academic Suspension will not be accepted in transfer at HSU.
    • Second Suspension, submit the Suspension Appeal Form to request readmission to the university.
  5. Are you seeking Readmission to a Graduate or Nursing program? Readmission to a nursing or graduate program requires approval from the program director. A separate appeal to the Graduate Program Director is required if exceeding the five-year degree time limit for a graduate degree.
  6. Financial Aid
    • File your FAFSA –
    • If your financial aid satisfactory academic status (SAP) standing was Financial Aid Suspension when you left HSU, you may need to also submit a suspension appeal. Please email to request an appeal.

When your readmission is approved, you will receive a letter with more information, including how to access your Student Self Service for all of your student resources – Financial Aid, Student Finance, Student Planning and Registration, advisor information, etc.

Contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions regarding readmission, or (325) 670-1200.

Welcome Home!