Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts

The Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts includes more than 30 faculty members in the departments of Communication, Criminal Justice, English, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology & Counseling, Social Work, and Sociology. Also included are the Forensic Studies, Honors, Leadership, and Legal Studies programs. The College also offers master’s degrees in Clinical Counseling & Marriage and Family Therapy, English, and History.

Our programs and courses are designed to provide a liberal arts education to students of all majors across the university. Much of the Foundational Curriculum, which consists of courses required for every undergraduate degree, is provided through the College as is a wide variety of courses that serve to augment and expand the general educational experience of all HSU students. It is well-recognized that training with a liberal arts emphasis provides the critical thinking skills necessary for success in many career areas.

The College also offers specialized training in pre-professional programs and in specific major and minor fields appropriate to the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Behavioral Science, and the Bachelor of Science degrees. Many of our programs offer the opportunity for internships, foreign study, and other types of experiential learning.

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Strategic Communication

Our program is growing and opening new avenues of learning every year. Our students have an outstanding track record of landing careers in the very things they did for their internships.

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While some HSU English majors become educators, others have pursued careers in fields such as public relations, marketing, publishing, and technology.

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Political Science

We strive to be a home for students who, through the study of government both inside and outside of the classroom, are transformed into graduates known for their tenacity, creativity, intellectual rigor, and servant leadership.

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Social Work

An accredited, pre-professional program that includes a year-long, field experience as part of the degree requirements during the final year; prepares students for licensure as a bachelor social worker (LBSW) in the state of Texas)

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An active program that prepares students for the realities of our increasingly multilingual society; serves as a useful major or minor that augments other areas of emphasis; provides a variety of out-of-classroom learning experiences; also teaches elective courses that provide an entry-level familiarity with the use of Spanish in specific career areas such as Christian ministry and health service fields.

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