Philosophy Minor

The Philosophy program at Hardin-Simmons University seeks to contribute to the liberal arts education of students by developing analytical and critical thinking, broadening perspectives, and encouraging the pursuit of knowledge and truth in all areas of life. This involves exploring the perennial questions (and preeminent answers) that humans encounter in contemplating existence and seeking to live wisely. Underlying these goals is the aim to help students develop their own philosophical approach within a trustworthy world-view, together with an awareness of the relevance of philosophy to the fundamental methodology and perspectives of other disciplines.



  • Philosophy Minor (B.A., B.B.S.)

Why study Philosophy at HSU?

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Our program provides extensive exposure to a rich diversity of intellectual and cultural perspectives and traditions difficult to come by elsewhere. This exposure is complemented by training not only in the exposition of existing material, but also in the active, creative production of theories and critical assessments.

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HSU’s Philosophy program offers a meaningful interdisciplinary synthesis. Take philosophy and suddenly you are better equipped to appreciate and engage other discourses – science, aesthetics, literature, psychology, religion, theology, ethics, etc.

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Our program encourages serious, practical, self-reflection. It provides the conceptual tools to grapple with personally-relevant worldview questions and transcend cultural boundaries to assess globally relevant problems in a systematic and comprehensive way found in no other discipline.

Program Details

All courses and course descriptions for the Philosophy Minor (PHIL) can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Integrating Christian Faith

The program strives to offer excellent courses, calls for excellent work from students, thoughtfully considers Christian doctrines and values both directly and in comparison with other worldviews and value systems, and encourages students to live a life of Christian faith and values. Because Philosophy as a discipline delves into the ultimate questions, philosophy courses “naturally”—when taught by a thoughtful Christian professor—engage the students in considering foundational Christian doctrines and values.

Furthermore, there is a conscious effort on the part of our department head to encourage students to seek to have integrity in their world-views. This integrity stems from applying critical thinking skills along with self-examination to the ultimate questions of life. The philosophy program does not proselytize, but it does challenge students to passionately live for ideals that exceed the mundane secular approach so common in the present age.

All HSU students are eligible for this program.

What can you do with a Philosophy minor?

Anything you want! Philosophy students consistently score at or near the top in all graduate school entrance exams. If you already have specific career goals, it is the ideal minor to complement those future endeavors. If you are currently undecided, it prepares you to succeed along any path you may choose because it trains you to think critically and creatively. And, because you have delved deeply into fundamental questions, it can enhance your life as a whole, enabling you to live wisely, mindful of what really matters to you and to those around you.