The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

Most people recognize that choosing the right college is one of the more important decisions a person will make in their lifetime. Less often talked about is that choosing the right degree program is equally important!

With the rising cost of a college education over the past two decades, a critical factor in making that decision, for students and their parents, is understanding the value of a given degree upon graduation. We in the Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts believe that, weighed into that value should be not only how a college major prepares a student for the realities of the job market, but also how a particular university and major can increase a student’s life satisfaction and fulfill his or her God-given calling.

We have strong opinions about the value and quality of the education we provide to students in our majors, as well as the general student body through our Foundational Curriculum. However, we’re not prone to bragging! You might be interested in what other experts and journalists have found about how liberal arts degrees are perceived and valued by employers. The following links demonstrate the value of obtaining an education in the areas of  liberal arts and the humanities, as well as the employability of degree-holders in those areas.

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