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The HSU English Department offers courses in literature and the English language. Courses in composition and language provide training in the techniques and skills which are requisite for accurate, effective written expression. Courses in the literature of America, England, and other countries familiarize students with specific writers, movements, periods, and literary issues; prepare them to recognize, to analyze, and to evaluate the various types of literature; build reading and other language skills; train them to do independent thinking and research; and develop their understanding of the aesthetic and cultural dimensions of the human experience.

Students who major in English at HSU are well-prepared to enter into graduate school program in English, as well as a variety of other disciplines including education, library science, law, and communications.  While some HSU English majors become educators, others have pursued careers in fields such as public relations, marketing, publishing, and technology.  Developing their reading, researching, critical thinking, and writing skills through their course of study prepares HSU English majors to be good communicators who embrace the challenges of finding innovative solutions to complex problems.


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Traci Thomson-Department Head of English and Professor of English

Dr. Traci Thompson

Department Head of English; Professor of English

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Why study English at HSU?

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Tyehimba Jess-featured speaker at HSU

Learn from Award-Winning Writers

Through the Lawrence Clayton Poets and Writers Speakers Series, the English Department brings to campus each year a nationally recognized, award-winning writer for an afternoon Q&A session and an evening reading. Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Tyehimba Jess (pictured), was the 2018 featured speaker.

Hardin Simmons Tutoring

Tutoring Opportunities

Some students in the English program get to work at the Writing Center where they tutor and help other students improve their grammatical and writing skills, while they simultaneously get to sharpen their own skills in the language and gain experience in teaching.

HSU student sitting outside in foreign country

English ... and More

English majors at HSU pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree. And, this degree requires 12 hours of a foreign language, which helps to ensure majors are proficient with a language other than English. We also provide students with opportunities for studying abroad at places like Universidad de Salamanca, in Salamanca, Spain.

Program Details

All courses and course descriptions for each degree type can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog:

All HSU students are eligible for this program.

  1. Graduates will demonstrate an anthology-level knowledge of the chronological sequence of British and American literary history, a broad knowledge of various British and American writers, both canonical and contemporary, and an understanding of how these writers’ works reflect their literary periods, literary genres, and sub-genres.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the elements of fiction, poetry, and drama.
  3. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in writing skills, including knowledge of literary and rhetorical devices and competent grammar and punctuation skills.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to do critical analysis in writing of literary and rhetorical texts and provide correctly documented literary research in the writing of clear, analytical interpretations/explications of fiction and poetry.

The Hardin-Simmons University English Department will foster an appreciation of language and literature in all students, regardless of major, by offering courses designed to strengthen reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.  The department will also promote and support a course of study—for both undergraduate and graduate students—that guides them through complex texts of literary and cultural variety, that inspires them to discover the power of language, and that prepares them to put their language skills to use in a variety of professions.