We want to do what we can to make college as affordable as possible, so we created a guide to help!

After you are admitted to HSU, you will then be eligible to be considered for scholarships! When awarding scholarships, Hardin-Simmons creates an equal opportunity for all students by considering your academic performance, test scores, co-curricular involvement, enrollment status, and your anticipated major. Usually, there are no additional applications for these scholarships, unless it is noted otherwise.

About Institutional Scholarships

  • Your admission application and FAFSA can both be used in determining your eligibility for scholarships.
  • Requirements and/or evaluation criteria for scholarships are subject to change.
  • Institutional scholarships are applied to fall and spring semesters only.
  • Some scholarships are awarded on an annual basis only.
  • All awards funded by HSU are tuition-specific.
  • Students in the Intercollegiate Program, Study Abroad (beyond one semester), and Physical Therapy programs are not eligible for institutional scholarships.
  • Students must apply for institutional scholarships through Scholarship Central.

Learn more about HSU’s institutional scholarships.

Outside Scholarship Guide

Outside scholarships are scholarships that can be used for any university and comes from a source not connected to a specific university. Most of the time, you can apply for these scholarships online but there are some that still want a paper application. Of course, all of them have qualifications and a deadline.

You might be asked to provide some personal information or to write about your financial need, but scholarship agencies should never request your bank account or credit card number. If a scholarship agency requests personal bank information, do not apply for that scholarship. Also, when searching for outside scholarships, check the URL address for https:// which tells you it is a secure site. If the site is unsecured, do not apply for that scholarship.

Learn more about outside scholarships.