Work Study

Work Study Programs are a great way to stay on top of your education and your financial health at the same time! There are two types of work study programs that you can be a part of at Hardin-Simmons. You can work on campus at Hardin-Simmons, or at one of our off-campus jobs available through the federal/state work-study program.

Both programs are designed to help undergrad and grad students with financial needs. This gives you an opportunity to have a part-time job earning money to help with your educational expenses. Students must complete paperwork with the Payroll Office and may work a maximum of 19 hours/week during fall and spring. During the summer that number increases to 29 hours/week. It is important to know that you must be registered in classes in the fall and/or spring at Hardin-Simmons to be eligible. However, you can begin the summer before a fall semester if you are already enrolled!

On-Campus Employment

Every one of our students is eligible to work on campus. Besides earning a wage, this opportunity will help you gain valuable professional experience, and allow you to work with faculty and staff! One bonus about an on-campus job is that your supervisor understands and supports you being a student. Your supervisor can offer flexibility and scheduling that another employer might not.

Being eligible doesn’t guarantee you a job, but you can apply for positions all through the year!

Off-Campus, Work-Study Employment

Your eligibility for this program is determined by your FAFSA form. To find out you are eligible you must file a FAFSA each year, be enrolled at HSU, and have financial need as calculated by the FAFSA to be eligible for off-campus work-study jobs. Students who are interested in working at the Boys and Girls Club of Abilene and Beltway Kids Club must obtain a certificate of eligibility from the Financial Aid office to give to the employer before the student can work. There is no minimum or maximum a student can earn in federal/state work study funds as long as their earnings do not exceed their financial need calculated by the FAFSA.

Finding and Applying for Jobs

You can find more information about job fairs, seminars, and job searching on our Career Services page. By activating your account in our online recruiting platform Handshake, you can view open positions on- and off-campus, submit your resume for employers to view, see upcoming event details, and access career documents and resources.

How You Get Paid

Students who are hired for on/off-campus employment will be paid bi-weekly depending on the number of hours they worked during the pay period. Student workers will receive their paychecks via direct deposit, unless otherwise specified by the student. It is the student’s responsibility to request work study earnings go towards their institutional balance if they want it to. For work study to go towards a student’s balance, students must go to the Payroll Office and complete a Student Receivable Account Direct Depositing Authorization Form.