Career Services

Welcome to the Office of Career Services at Hardin-Simmons University!

Our mission is to provide you with expert guidance and all the tools you need to begin and thrive in your career. Whether you are exploring career options, looking for a way to build your resume, or anxious about the post-grad job search process, we are here to help. Check out the information tab below for students, and contact our office directly at any time.

Contact Information: Moody 215 | 325-670-1166 |

By activating your account in our online recruiting platform Handshake, you can view open positions on- and off-campus, submit your resume for employers to view, see upcoming event details, and access career documents and resources.

Upcoming Events


January 12-13   |  Still Water Camps Employer Table   |   11 AM-1:30 PM

January 25   |  Registration Station in Moody   |   10 AM-2 PM

January 27   |  Résumés & Lattés Outside Gilbert’s  |   2-4 PM


February 4   |  Adulting 101: The Greatest Job Search on Earth   |   6 PM-7 PM

February 15   |   Registration Station on Anderson Lawn   |   10 AM-2 PM

February 24   |  Résumés & Lattés Outside Gilbert’s  |   2-4 PM

February 25   |   Alumni Mocktail Hour on “The Deck”   |   5:30-7 PM

MARCH 2021

March 4   |  MS Word for Résumé Writing  |   6 PM-7 PM

March 15   |   Registration Station on Sid Richardson Lawn   |   10 AM-2 PM

March 18   |   Adulting 101   |   6-7 PM

March 24   |  D/FW Virtual Career Fair on Handshake  |   Noon-5 PM

March 31   |  Résumés & Lattés Outside Gilbert’s  |   2-4 PM

APRIL 2021

April 8   |  Tri-U Teacher Fair  |   10 AM-Noon

April 12   |   Registration Station at Alumni Wall   |   10 AM-2 PM

April 15   |   Adulting 101   |   6-7 PM

April 21   |  Résumés & Lattés Outside Gilbert’s  |   2-4 PM

April 22   |   LinkedIn “Live”   |   6-7 PM

Register on Handshake today to reserve your spot!

Drafting Your First Resume?
Be sure you start with a solid foundation. Download your copy of the HSU Résumé Workbook to learn the what and why of resume writing today.

Check out these free job search letter examples for instruction and inspiration:

Résumé Instructive Sample

Cover Letter Sample 1

Cover Letter Sample 2

References Page Sample

Value Proposition Letter

Job Search and Résumé Tips Sheet

Accounting Résumé Sample

Music Industry Résumé Sample

Jobs, Internships, and Experiential Learning
Handshake is HSU’s interactive online recruiting platform. In the site, HSU students can upload a resume and access postings for part-time, full-time, and work study positions as well as opportunities for internships and other special projects. Best of all, you can connect to employers from all over the country as you consider your post-graduation plans.

Networking and Career Connections
The Career Services office hosts numerous events throughout the year to provide networking opportunities with HSU alumni and employers, including career panels and mix-and-mingle events. We also host multiple job fairs and on-campus interviews with hiring managers from all over Texas. You can even ask career questions of alumni through Handshake!

Experiential Learning
In a competitive market, you need to build up your resume to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the applicant pool.  Today’s top candidate is well-prepared with rich understanding, a varied skill set, and value to offer their potential employer. Check out these resources for building your knowledge, your experience, and your resume.

Professional Development Resources
Participate in a mock interview, stop by a Resumes & Lattes event to strengthen your resume, and attend our annual Etiquette Dinner. We’ll teach you the basics of finding and landing a job. Check out the Resource Library in Handshake for more information.

Personalized Career Counseling
You are welcome in the Career Services office at any time to talk one-on-one about your future career options! We will help you think through your goals, values, and life calling. Email us to set an appointment, or sign up for an appointment in Handshake.

Tools for Self-Discovery
Finding the right career starts with knowing yourself! Through Career Services, you have access to career and personality assessments such as the Strong Interest Inventory and Focus 2. Access them all from the “Personality and Exploration” tab below, or schedule an appointment with our team on Handshake.

Connect with us on Handshake!

By creating your employer account in Handshake and connecting to Hardin-Simmons University, you can:

  • Post open jobs & internships from your organization
  • Register for HSU job and career fairs
  • Share your on-campus recruiting and interviewing events at HSU
  • Manage your hiring process using Handshake’s intuitive applicant tracking system (if desired)

Check out Handshake’s employer help center if you need assistance, or contact our office at any time.

Recruiting Opportunities

Sign up to attend HSU events in Handshake! Contact HSU Career Services if your organization is interested in sponsoring an event.

Career Exploration Resources

Focus 2 – This 5-part career assessment is a powerful tool for discovering majors and careers that are a good fit for you. Explore thousands of occupations based on your results!
ACCESS CODE: cowboys

What Can I Do With This Major? – Explore how different majors can lead to certain career pathways.

Handshake Job Role Profiles – In Handshake, click “Career Center” then “Discover Careers” to see descriptions of job roles within various industries. Browse active jobs in Handshake that fit that role, see salary and location information, and more.

Personality Assessments

Clifton Strengths – Discover your Top 5 Strengths and explore how you can harness them in work and life. Contact HSU Career Services for an access code, or if you took this during Stampede but don’t remember your Strengths.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – This classic personality assessment gives great insight into why you do the things you do.

On the Hunt for a New Job?
Through Handshake, HSU alumni have access to view thousands of job and internship opportunities. The Office of Career Services also hosts career fairs and on-campus interviews in which alumni are welcome to participate.

Wanting to Connect to HSU Students?
Let us know if you’re interested in volunteering at a Career Services event – options include career panels, mix-and-mingle events, sponsorship of award dinners, mentoring, and informal info sessions. Or, create a Handshake alumni account to answer HSU students’ career questions.

Personalized Professional Development
Participate in a mock interview, send us your resume for review, or email us to set up an in-person appointment.

Steps for Hiring Student Employees at HSU

  1. Contact Career Services office to post position in Handshake. Every position we hire must be posted for at least 3 days in order for HSU to meet federal regulations.
  2. Collect resumes, conduct interviews, and choose a candidate for hire.
  3. Have student complete new hire paperwork with the HSU Payroll office by their first day of work (preferably before). They must bring original documentation for their I-9, as copies cannot be accepted.

Contact our office at any time with questions about how to connect to HSU students!

Career Services is Here for Our HSU Team Members Too

We love engaging with students everywhere we can. But, did you know that we can work with your team too?

For Your Students

“Rope a Speaker”– Would you like to schedule a presentation for your class this semester? We have a wealth of today’s relevant presentations for you to choose from that can supplement your curricula, foster career development, and ready your students for today’s marketplace.

For Your Staff

Does your team need a refresher on LinkedIn, Handshake, or today’s job search letters? Book a Career Services representative to meet this need today.