Refund Policy

Withdrawal from the University (Dropping All Classes)

The following refunds will be made upon complete withdrawal from the University. (Does not apply to “Dropping Individual Classes.”) This refund policy applies to tuition only. Any institutional loans or grants will be pro-rated along with the charges as seen below. Institutional Money should not exceed charges at the time of the withdrawal. A refund is not warranted if the credit is caused by any amount of institutional money within that semester. Fees will not be refunded. “Day one” refers to the official start date for the term session.

1-4 Week Course Term Tuition Only
First day 100%
After day one None
5-8 Week Course Term Tuition Only
Day one and two 100%
Day three 90%
Day four and five 80%
Day six and seven 70%
9-16 Week Course Term Tuition Only
Day one and two 100%
Day three through eight 90%
Day nine through sixteen 70%
Day seventeen through twenty-four 50%

Dropping Individual Classes

No tuition is refunded for individual courses dropped after the 8th day of a term (16 week Fall and Spring terms only).  If a student is only taking one class, that would be considered withdrawing and the refund policy above would apply.