Julius Olsen Honors Program Details

Julius Olsen Honors Program students are highly motivated, inquisitive, responsible individuals who enjoy the challenge of learning about themselves and their place in the world around them.

Honors Program Design

Honors students will work toward an Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies (23 credit hrs.), including the courses listed below.  The Honors minor will function as either a single minor or as a second minor, depending on your major degree plan.  The Honors minor is usually compatible with any major from any academic area on campus.

  • Freshman Honors Colloquium (3)
  • Honors Discourse in Cultural Theory (3)
  • Honors Discourse in Aesthetics (3)
  • Honors Discourse in Applied Science and Mathematics (3)
  • Honors BIBL 1301 or 1302 (3)
  • Two Upper-level Honors electives (6)
  • Capstone 1 and 2 (2)

The Honors Capstone is a faculty-approved senior honors project in their discipline.

Download the Honors Handbook

*Honors Handbook is applicable as of Fall 2019