• Leadership Teams

    Our Student Activities personnel works each day with student leaders to plan consistent programming on campus that draws our entire student body together as often as possible! From traditional HSU events like Gilbert’s Birthday or HSU Cowboy Christmas, to spontaneous programs like our Labor Day Dessert Bar or Campus Golf Tournaments, our Students Activities teams lead the way!

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    Student Activities Board

    SABers is the oldest student activities board on the Hardin-Simmons campus. Established in 2008, SABers became the face of Student Activities, spearheading many of HSU’s traditional and social events. Some noteworthy events that SABers plan are: HSU Day at the Zoo, Crazy-Lympics, Pumpkinpalooza, Gilbert’s Birthday Bash, Blacklight Breakdown, and many Homecoming events. Through their involvement in SABers, students learn how to plan, advertise, and implement events for their fellow students. To become a SABer, you must have prior leadership experience through a student activities leadership group, and participate in our membership application and interview process.


    Spontaneously Planned Activities

    SPARK is another activities board that serves the students of HSU. SPARK aims at providing students with spontaneously planned events that pop up around campus nearly once a week. SPARK serves as host to one of our most popular student activities events called Thirsty Thursday, which is pizza and drinks the first Thursday of every month and served on the Deck of the Moody Center. SPARK also does a great job celebrating interesting holidays with various events, and providing students with fun activities on the fly. In order to be part of SPARK you must go through our interview process to be selected, and no prior leadership experience is required.


    Freshman Leadership Council

    FreshCo is a partnership between Student Activities and the BSM to help new students, not just freshman, get an involvement foothold on campus. Students have the opportunity to go through a weekly bible study and devotional time but also, help with the planning of BSM and Student Activity’s events. This year FreshCo will be hosting four fall main events, Paint Your Pride, the Neighborhood Fall Festival, Cowboys for Kids Christmas Party, and our largest fall event the Campus-wide Christmas Party. To be involved with FreshCo you must attend our weekly meetings, be an active participant in event planning, and provide us with your application at the beginning of the year.

    Student Government Association Executive Council

    The Student Government Executive Council consists of an elected and highly talented group of students organizing student groups, speaking on behalf of the student body, and leading the way for change on campus. Their roles and services are influential to the student experience and the vibrancy of campus life.


    Stampede Steering Committee

    Each year we have a select group of students plan, organize, and implement our Stampede orientation that takes place on campus during The Fall Semester. These students have Stampede Leadership experience from their early years on campus and now have the opportunity to lead the rest of the Stampede staff as we make our new students’ first experiences on campus the best they can be!


    S.W.A.T. (Stampede Workers and Talent)

    We have several students volunteer to help with the behind-the-scenes pieces of our Stampede Orientation. There are so many events that go on during Stampede that we need students that are constantly focused on setting up what is coming next! These students are sold out for Stampede and love being a part of the week!



    Every Stampede team has two, upper-class student leaders that we call “Wranglers.” These students spend every moment of Stampede with the first-year students in their team, and are the best connection resource for our new students! Wranglers serve as year-round mentors for our new students and love meeting and becoming friends with new people!


    Greek Council

    The Greek Council consists of a group of student representatives from each social club who collaborate together for the unity of social clubs, provide a voice for each social club, and improve the overall student experience within a social club.

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