Campus Houses

Upperclass Students

HSU's 50+ on-campus houses are available to single graduate or family students, or students who may need special accommodations. Family students include any married student or student with a dependent. Students with special accommodations include but are not limited to physical disability or students who have already completed their 4 semesters of required residency and/or are 21-years old and have received approval from the campus disability offices for an emotional support animal (ESA) or certified service animal. The available houses do fill up quickly, however, vacancies sometimes occur. Please use the link below to complete the Hardin-Simmons University House & Apartment Interest Form, which is used to fill these vacancies after the yearly lottery process.

House & Apartment Interest Form


  • Single Student Rates 2017 – 2018

    12 Month 10 Month

    Single Space in Shared Unit $320.83 $350.00
    Private Space 1 Bed 1 Bath $440.00 $480.00
    If unit is not completely filled, current student residents can either buy out the extra space and split it between the unit's lessees, or the unit will be assigned another student to fill any/or all empty spaces.
  • Student Family Rates 2017 - 2018

    HSU Currently Prices Student Family Houses at $440 per month for 1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom units with all other units priced at $230 per bedroom and $60 per bathroom per month. Utilities are not included. Please Note: Family Housing not available in Wolf or University Place Apartments. Prices are subject to change

  • Campus House Amenities

    The campus houses are all located within six blocks of the HSU campus and are patrolled regularly by the HSU Police Department. These units are unfurnished, with the Student Resident supplying their own furniture. The kitchens come equipped with a refrigerator/freezer, oven, and stove. It is important to note that most of the campus houses have central heat but no air conditioning. The Student Resident(s) will be expected to provide and service their own window units.

  • Campus House Utilities

    Electricity, water, and gas services are all connected in the University’s name and the Student Resident will be billed monthly for these services to their student account in the HSU Business Office. If cable or Internet service is desired the Student Resident can arrange for these services on their own with any provider that they choose, but may not have anything affixed to the unit or any new holes drilled into the exterior of the unit. In addition, these services cannot be billed to the Student Resident’s account in the Business Office. Many of the campus houses are located together in a central block on Anderson, Caldwell, and Vogel. These central block houses are not billed for water each month.

The state requires that all incoming new students under the age of 22 must have the meningitis vaccine within the last 5 years and at least 10 days prior to the first day of class. In addition, Hardin-Simmons University requires every new incoming student under 22 years of age provide proof of the meningitis vaccine prior to registering for classes.

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