• Note-Takers

    The student may request help from the professor in making an anonymous appeal for a volunteer willing to share a copy of his/her notes. It is the student's responsibility to make the arrangements after speaking with his/her instructor.

    A note-taking accommodation is intended to provide information that the student would have gotten on his/her own, if it were not for his/her disability. While these methods are easy to use, the legibility or clarity of the notes may limit their usefulness. These notes are also the writer’s interpretation of the lecture, which may not match what the student needs to help them remember key concepts. For these reasons, it is better if the student takes notes for him/herself.

    This accommodation does not allow the student to miss excessive class periods. Students are only entitled to notes from the class days in which they were present.

    Many professors choose to scan a copy of the notes and upload them to Blackboard for the benefit of the entire class.

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