• Chapel FAQ

    • What is Chapel?

      The purpose of HSU chapel is to enlighten by faith the Hardin-Simmons community through worship, dialogue, and service. Chapel meets every Tuesday at 9:30a.m. in Behrens Auditorium.

    • I feel like I need to talk to someone about something I'm going through.

      Dr. Kelly Pigott is always available to speak confidentially with students. There are numerous resources both on and off campus that can be utilized to help you get better. Speaking to the chaplain is the best place to start. Call 671-2190 to setup an appointment.

    • Is chapel required?

      HSU students are required to accumulate 80 chapel credits in order to graduate. This averages to 10 chapels per semester. There are around 13 to 15 chapels each semester in Behrens Auditorium. In addition, there are alternative events such as plays, recitals, assemblies, concerts, and the Logsdon chapel service where a student can earn chapel credits.

    • How do I earn chapel credits?

      At most events, a scanner will be setup in the lobby for you to scan your Student ID at the end of the program. Make sure to do so or you will not get credit. At a few events a signup sheet is provided. Make sure to write your name and ID number legibly.

    • What are the chapel requirements for transfer students?

      The chapel requirement for transfer students will automatically be prorated based upon the number of semester hours applied to their HSU degree. The registrar office will add credits to your account based upon a formula.This generally takes a semester to show up in your account. If you have any issues pertaining to this, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

    • How will I know how many chapels I've attended?

      The number of chapel credits you’ve earned will be posted in HSU Central.Remember, you need to get a total of 80 credits to fulfill your chapel requirement to graduate

    • I can't make chapel on Tuesdays, what can I do?

      Each week several events take place on campus where you can earn a chapel credit, including a Thursday service in Logsdon chapel at 11:55am, plays, concerts, lectures, and recitals.The event’s description in HSU Central will let you know whether if a chapel credit is offered.

      You can also do community service for chapel credit.For each hour you volunteer you earn one credit.Forms are available in the chaplain’s office, and online at the chaplain website.

      If your situation is especially challenging, you can download a chapel waiver form on chaplain website. You can also pick one up in the chaplain's office. Please note that the chapel advisory committee grants these waivers, and they meet only once a semester. In addition, most requests are NOT granted. A student must demonstrate to the committee that they face a difficult hardship. For example, working full time is NOT a sufficient reason. However, a single parent working full time and taking care of children at home typically will be granted a waiver.

    • When do I have to have my chapel requirement fulfilled?

      A graduating senior must have their chapel requirement fulfilled by the due date for diploma cards. After this, the registrar schedules deadlines that prohibit getting one’s name in the program and receiving tickets for the ceremony.See the registrar for these deadlines. If a student does not achieve 80 credits by graduation, he/she will NOT receive a degree until the requirement has been met.

    • I forgot to bring my ID to chapel, can I still get credit?

      The handbook states that a student must bring a valid ID card to chapel and swipe at one of the machines in order to get credit.

    • I'd like to help out with chapel, how can I get involved?

      If you are interested in providing leadership for chapel, contact Dr. Kelly Pigott by emailing him at kpigott@hsutx.edu.

    • I have an idea for a speaker, musical group, topic, etc.

      Great! Email Dr. Kelly Pigott at kpigott@hsutx.edu with all the information you have. There's no guarantee that the person or group will be invited, but we're always looking for good ideas.

    • I have a question about the number of chapel credits showing up on HSU Central.

      Whitney Cloud handles all the questions pertaining to chapel credits. She can be reached at 671-2190, or you can email her at wcloud@hsutx.edu.

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