• Student Success Seminar

    The military utilizes it; many Fortune 500 Companies incorporate it; there is even a top-rated show with the theme of it.

    And though the Student Success Seminar (SSS) course is not harsh or physical as boot camp or basic training, our mission is the same: to teach survival skills.

    SSS is designed for entering freshmen to help them survive their first year—a most vulnerable and tentative time for many college students. HSU believes success in college for the freshmen will depend on their ability to manage the changes that are bound to occur. We must teach them to know themselves, accept themselves, and direct themselves.

    Though many schools are adopting courses to help freshmen in their transitions, HSU can be considered a pioneer. We were one of the first to implement a three-member teaching structure, consisting of a faculty member, a staff member, and a student peer leader. As a result, we have been selected to present at both national and international conferences. A special honor was achieved in February 2001 when HSU’s Student Success Seminar members were invited to conduct a four-hour workshop at the National First-Year Experience Conference in Houston, Texas.

    Student Success Seminar (COHD 1300) is a three-credit hour, letter-graded elective designed to ease the transition adjustment to the college environment.

    This course has three broad goals: to help the student acquire essential academic survival skills (no matter what the student’s entering ability level); to develop skills for living; and to increase the student’s knowledge about the functions and resources of the university.

    Some of the topics covered:

    • Note and Test-Taking Strategies
    • Classroom Etiquette and College PR Skills
    • Orientation to the University and Local Community
    • Campus Resources
    • Relationship Issues
    • Learning Styles
    • Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment
    • Critical Thinking
    • Diversity
    • Heath and Wellness
    • Taking Responsibility for Your Own Education
    • Career Exploration
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