• Honors Program Design


    The Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies is a Minor of 23 hours. Twelve of those hours may sometimes be double-counted for General Education credit for students who have a prescribed minor, or extensive major hours, required by their major department. Students with a traditional major and minor degree plan may use Honors as their minor and no double-counting will be needed. All students, regardless of major, may apply for the Honors Program.

    Honors Minor In Interdisciplinary Studies

    • Freshman Honors Colloquium: (3)
    • Honors Discourse in Cultural Theory (3)
    • Honors Discourse in Aesthetics (3)
    • Honors Discourse in Applied Science and Mathematics (3)
    • Honors BIBL 1301 or 1302 (3)
    • Upper-level Honors course to enhance the major (3)
    • Upper-level Honors course to enhance the major (3)

    These 6 hours will be "contracted" by the student with the individual professor and approved by the Honors Director. These may be currently offered courses or, in special circumstances, these may be " special topics" courses offered at the discretion of the professor.

    • Honors Capstone in major (1)
    • Honors Capstone in major (1)

    These 2 hours will be used for the Senior Honors project over 2 semesters, and will be "contracted" by the student with an individual professor in the major and approved by the Honors Director.

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