Financial Aid Policies

This is the Code of Conduct that is made by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

Any kind of financial aid (including loans), is only available if a student is enrolled in at least 6 hours per semester at Hardin Simmons. You can not transfer hours or count hours that you take at another school. Your enrollment is determined on the 8th class day of the semester. Financial aid will be finalized and posted shortly after that day!

At HSU, we know that borrowing money is an extremely important and sensitive subject and requires special attention from the students and the financial aid office. We are a Christian University and only support smart, responsible, and ethical approaches to debt. We know how important a degree is, and what is required of a student during their education. Educational expenses only include tuition, fees, books/supplies, room/board, transportation, and personal living expenses. We are not encouraging students to borrow money for anything outside of those educational needs.

Student loans are, in reality, necessary for most students attending college. At Hardin Simmons, we know that this debt can be an investment toward your future! However, if you handle your loans irresponsibly, serious damage can come from borrowing this money. If you fail to pay on your loans, qualifying for any other form of credit, like your home or car, is going to be much more difficult. We want to make sure that your loans are kept as small as possible, and to make sure that you are progressing consistently toward your degree.

Hardin Simmons considers dropping classes an unwise use of borrowing money. When you drop a class, you are paying for a loan, that pays for a class that doesn’t give you any credit! If a student makes dropping classes a habit, the student will be reviewed to see if the student is making progress toward a degree, and could lose their student aid. Our standards for financial aid can be found in My Financial Aid Guide.

Registration changes are handled though the Office of the Registrar. Please be aware that changes to registration may impact your financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding your specific situation.

Students that will receive benefits from the Veterans Affairs Administration will need to register their certification form from the VA, with the Office of the University Registrar. The Financial Aid Office will happily help you find institutional aid for the part of your educational costs that aren’t covered by your VA benefits. Sometimes, we have VA students that are not eligible for tuition-specific scholarships or grants. Federal Financial Aid is not affected by VA education benefits.