• Crime Alert (Timely Warning) Policy

    The circumstances in which a Crime Alert will be generated include, but are not limited to, the receipt of a good faith report to the University Police Department of a crime reportable under the Clery Act that poses a serious or continuing threat to the campus community. The Chief of Police, or Assistant Chief, is responsible for determining if a Crime Alert (Timely Warning) will be issued. The determination will be made on a case-by-case basis after due consideration of all available facts of the crime, such as the nature of the crime and whether or not a continuing danger to the campus community exists.

    The University Police Department is responsible for the issuance of Crime Alerts. Anyone with information warranting a Crime Alert should report the circumstances immediately to the University Police Department, by phone (325-670-1461) or in person at the University Police Department (Moody Center Basement).

    Crime Alerts will be issued through the university e-mail system to students, faculty and staff. Crime Alerts will also be posted on the University Police Department public website at: https://www.hsutx.edu/offices/police/ under “Timely Warnings.” Crime Alerts will contain sufficient information about the nature of an identified threat to assist members of the campus community in taking appropriate action to protect themselves or their property. The Crime Alert will generally include:

    • A readily understandable description of the type of crime or occurrence
    • The general location, date and time of the offense
    • A physical description of the suspect(s) or composite picture
    • A possible connection to other incidents
    • Date and time the alert was issued
    • Suggested measures which members of the university community can take to help protect themselves

    It is important to note that in some cases law enforcement may need to withhold some facts if releasing the information would compromise an ongoing investigation or the identity of the victim.

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