• 2017 Schedule

    May 30 @9:00AM

    West Texas Rehab Center

    June 6 @9:30AM 

    All God's Children Church

    June 8 @6:00PM 

    Cross Plains Parade

    June 14 @9:00AM 

    Sears Park Recreation Center

    June 17 @5:00PM 

    Albany Fandangle Parade

    June 24 @10:00AM (Parade) @7:30PM (Rodeo) 

    Jim Bowie Days Parade and Rodeo

    June 28 @4:00PM (Parade) @8:00PM (Rodeo) 

    Stamford Cowboy Reunion Parade & Rodeo

    July 1 @10:00AM 

    Coahoma Parade

    July 8 @6:00PM (Parade) @8:00PM (Rodeo)

    O’Donnell Rodeo and Parade

    July 13 @10:00AM 

     Wylie Baptist Church at HSU White Horse Barn 

    July 22, 25, 27 & 29 @9:00AM (Parades) 

     Cheyenne Frontier Days 

     September 10 @10:30AM

     West Texas Fair and Rodeo Parade 

    September 12-16 @7:30PM (Rodeo)

    West Texas Fair and Rodeo

    September 19 @5:00PM

    Six White Horse Rider Tryouts

    Dec 5 @ 6pm

    Cisco Texas Parade

    Dec 9 @ 6pm

    Anson Texas Parade

    Dec 16 @ 6pm

    Haskell Texas Parade

    Dec 17 @ 6:30pm

    Abilene Opera

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