• Outside Scholarship Opportunities

    Outside scholarships—those that are funded by private individuals, foundations, organizations, play an important role in providing gift revenue that can be used toward payment of your educational costs.

    Students can apply for numerous outside scholarships online, although some scholarships require students to complete a paper application. All have certain required qualifications that applicants must meet, and all have an application filing deadline.

    This guide is provided to permit easy access to available outside scholarships. The content of this guide is frequently revised as old scholarship offers expire and new ones take their places.

    Legitimate scholarship offers will require specific information about you and often the application requires you to provide a written statement about your need or qualification eligibility, but none will ask for personal financial access information (your personal bank account or credit card information). In your searches, those kinds of personal financial information are generally an indication of an illegitimate offer, and they should be avoided. If you are completing an online application, look in the URL address line to be sure you are logged into a secure site (https://). If you are not, information you provide may be accessed by others. If you are unsure of a specific scholarship or application process, please contact the HSU Financial Aid Office.

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