ACT Residual Exam

Please note, all on-campus visits to HSU have been temporarily put on hold. We will update this page as more information comes available.

HSU is proud to offer an ACT residual exam on campus. This exam is similar to the national ACT but has a few distinct advantages, including:

  • Campus Based – the ACT Residual is good only at HSU and cannot be transferred.
  • Small Test Groups – no large cafeterias or gymnasiums with hundreds of test takers.
  • Quicker Scoring – HSU will score your test within 5 business days; no more waiting several weeks.
  • Costs Less – the ACT Residual at HSU costs only $60!

Please be aware:

  • A minimum of 60 days is required between ACT Residual testing days
  • You must have submitted an application to HSU to be eligible to take the ACT Residual

Ready to sign up? Don’t forget these items for exam day.

  • Photo ID (Ex: Driver’s License, School ID)
  • $60 (Cash or money order only. Credit cards and checks will not be accepted.)
  • #2 pencils
  • Calculator

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