ACT Residual Exam

HSU is proud to offer an ACT residual exam on campus. This exam is similar to the national ACT but has a few distinct advantages, including:

  • Campus Based – the ACT Residual is good only at HSU and cannot be transferred.
  • Small Test Groups – no large cafeterias or gymnasiums with hundreds of test takers.
  • Quicker Scoring – HSU will score your test within 5 business days; no more waiting several weeks.
  • Costs Less – the ACT Residual at HSU costs only $60!

Please be aware:

  • A minimum of 60 days is required between ACT Residual testing days
  • You must have submitted an application to HSU to be eligible to take the ACT Residual

Ready to sign up? Don’t forget these items for exam day.

  • Photo ID (Ex: Driver’s License, School ID)
  • $60 (Cash or money order only. Credit cards and checks will not be accepted.)
  • #2 pencils
  • Calculator

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