• Frequently Asked Questions

    • What type of international student am I?

      International Admission will primarily handle Alien Students who need an F-1 visa. Any other applicants will go through the regular admissions process.

      a. Alien Student: Non-immigrant who will obtain an F-1 visa to study in the US. Approved students will receive an I-20 from HSU to apply for the student visa. Eligible for Institutional Financial Aid only.

      b. Resident Alien: Immigrant who has obtained a Permanent Resident card with an Alien Registration Number. Eligible for Federal, State and Institutional Financial Aid.

      c. Undocumented: Non-citizen in the US without an Alien Registration number or F-1 visa. Eligible for Institutional Financial Aid. Texas Residents are eligible for state aid with filing of TASFA. 

    • I have a certificate of graduation or a transcript from my home country. Can I use that for admission?

      It depends. If you are a freshman, your SAT/ACT test score will play a big part in deciding your acceptance. However, we still need your translated high school transcript or diploma to verify that you have passed a certain Secondary Education level.

      If you are a transfer from a non-US college or university, most of the time, you may be required to have your transcript evaluated by WES or IACE to properly transcribe your courses toward your HSU degree plan.

    • Can I come visit the campus?

      Absolutely! Many of our domestic freshman decided HSU will be their home during their campus visit. There's just something about the atmosphere and the environment that feels right! You will be able to take a campus tour, meet a specific professor/program director, meet with Financial Aid or your Counselor to discuss finances, sit in a class, and numerous other things. To take advantage of this opportunity, click Visiting HSU on the top right corner!

    • How much is the application fee? Do I have to submit an essay?

      The application is completely free and will only take 15-20 minutes, no essays required. You can always modify it later so there's no risk associated with applying. If you are considering other plans then decide to resume your admission with us, we can immediately pull it back up! You will also be able to get information regarding important dates and events.

    • Do you have any distinctive programs?

      Yes, there are opportunities to apply for the Honors or Leadership programs for additional scholarship and an enhanced academic experience. Please check the details here: http://www.hsutx.edu/academics/distinctive/.

    • Am I required to live on campus?

      Yes, new students are required to live on campus for at least two years unless you are married or over 21 years old. After two years, you can either live in the residence halls, move to one of our University Apartments, or move off-campus.

    • Can international students join athletics?

      Yes, if a particular coach recruited you or you try out and make the team, you are allowed to participate in HSU athletics. HSU does not offer athletic scholarships. For those who like sports but do not join an athletic team, many students participate in intramurals. For more information regarding intramural sports, click here: https://www.hsutx.edu/student-life/student-involvement/intramurals/.

    • Do you offer ESL classes?

      At this time HSU does not offer ESL classes for international students.

    • It's past the application deadline. Can I still apply?

      Yes. The deadline is set in place so you will have enough time to prepare everything. We recommend that you get everything done, including your visa, at least a month before your departure. Depending on your case, we might accept your application for the semester or defer you to the next semester to avoid immigration, academic, or other issues that might arise.

    Do you still have questions? Make a Skype appointment to get them answered! Appointments are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST, with HSU's user ID being hsu.global.

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