• Teacher Preparation

    The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and Texas Education Agency (TEA) Office of Accountability have awarded Hardin-Simmons University Teacher Education Program a rating of "Accredited" under the Accountability System for Educator Preparation authorized by Texas Education Code 21.045 every year since rating of teacher preparation entities has been awarded. Educator preparation programs are held accountabe for the performance of their graduates on the state credentialing examinations required for certification. Programs must achieve a minimum pass rate on the tests by disaggregated subgroups (All, Male, Female, White, Hispanic, African American, Other) to receive a rating of "Accredited."

    The HSU Teacher Education Program is approved by the State Board of Education as a Center for Professional Development and Technology. One requirement for being a Center is a field based component within the teacher preparation program. The field based component stipulates that a portion of the program includes interacting with local students and teachers at a public school site. From the time an HSU student is accepted into the program, through the final semester of student teaching, numerous field experiences will be integrated throughout the coursework. The final semester of the teacher preparation program includes an all-day all-semester field experience, student teaching. Application to student teach in the fall must be made the previous spring, March 1. Application to student teach in the spring must be made the previous fall, October 1. Applications to student teach can be obtained in the Dean's Office.

    To be considered for admission to the teacher education program a student should meet with the HSU Certification Officer as soon as possible and apply to the Dean of the College of Human Sciences and Educational Studies AH 108 during the sophomore year. A candidate for admission must have completed the application for Admission to Teacher Education. He/She must meet all University approved requirements:

    Admission Requirements for Teacher Preparation:
    * OVERALL GPA - minimum 2.8 (must be maintained throughout the program)
    * M
    TSI: minimum score of 350,
    or SAT: combined score 1070 or above and Math 500 or above,
    or ACT: combined score of 23 or above and Math 19 or above

    TSI: minimum score of 350,
    SAT: combined score 1070 or above and Verbal 500 or above,
    or ACT: combined score of 23 or above and ENGL 19 or above

    TSI: minimum score of 351,
    SAT: combined score 1070 or above and Verbal 500 or above,
    ACT: combined score of 23 or above and ENGL 19 or above

    A or B in COMM 1301 or 1302 or successful completion of program approved oral proficiency exam.
    TOEFL for non-native English speakers, if needed.

    *Content Field 12 hours- 15 hours for Math/Science majors
    Students must complete 12 hours in their content field. 15 hours if Math or Science
    *Interview- Required with certification officer.
    *Majority Vote - Admission requires a majority vote of the HSU Teacher Education Council.

    Educators' Code of Ethics - Adhere to SBEC Code of Ethics and sign agreement form.

    The Certification Officer must verify all basic skills proficiencies have been met, minimum GPA requirement has been achieved, and a degree plan is on file in the registrar's office and affix her signature to the student's application prior to the submission of the application to the Dean. The Teacher Education Council votes to approve or not to approve applications for admission to the HSU Teacher Education Program.

    Admission policies and standards for admission are available upon request in the Dean's office, Abilene Hall 108. All standards must be met prior to making application to the teacher preparation program and to enrolling in any professional development course with a prefix of EDUC. Students who plan to make application to the teacher preparation program are encouraged to obtain the admission policies and standards for admission as early as possible to avoid delays in the admission process. Transfer and post-graduate students must satisfy all admission requirements. The Certification Officer advises all post-graduate students seeking admission to the HSU teacher education program and prepares all post-graduate certification/deficiency plans. All undergraduate students are assigned an advisor who is apprised of the policies and standards of the teacher education program as soon as the student has declared an interest in seeking teacher certification through HSU. Once admitted to the teacher education program, students must meet and maintain benchmarks throughout the program. Benchmarks can be obtained from the Dean's office.

    Students who successfully complete the Teacher Education Program and graduate from HSU will be eligible to take the Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) in his/her teaching content field(s) and the pedagogy and professional responsibilities TExES. Those who pass the state required examinations (content field and PPR) will be recommended for teacher certification by the HSU Certification Officer. Recommendation by HSU for a teaching certificate may not result in certification. The state of Texas certifies teachers, not teacher preparation entities or universities.

    Details about the HSU Teacher Preparation Program may be accessed in the HSU Undergraduate Catalog.

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