Business Administration Program

A major in Business Administration is available on the B.A. and the B.B.S., the university’s liberal arts degrees. The major’s virtue is its flexibility. It leaves room for a minor field of study, twelve hours of business electives, and eighteen hours of general electives. Some favorite business electives include healthcare, real estate, banking, international business, and business analytics.

Interested in business and another field of study? No problem! You can minor in marketing, management, economics—even accounting—as well as theatre design, biology, or almost anything else. Recent graduates have minored in music, history, psychology, criminal justice, Spanish, and political science.

You don’t have to stop with a bachelor’s degree, either. The M.A. in Management can be completed in as little as one year.

Who is this program for? Transfer students who want more of their previous coursework to count toward their degrees. Students preparing for the job market who have academic interests outside of business. And maybe, just maybe … You!


  • Business Administration (B.A.)
  • Business Administration (B.B.S)


  • Business Administration Minor (B.A., B.B.S.)

Why study Business Administration at HSU?

Photo of a female HSU student in cap and gown at graduation.

Dual Credits

Seniors in the Business Administration program are eligible to enter the Early Admission to Graduate Learning (EAGL) program, allowing 6 hours of graduate work to count toward both degrees.

Economics Program students at HSU job fair

Wide Open Field

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, more than 318,000 of the nearly 1.5 million bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2005–06 were in business. This was nearly double the number of degrees awarded in any other field of study.

High Demand

The major in business administration is one of Hardin-Simmons University’s fastest-growing programs.

Molly Warren-Business Administration student

Program Details

Required Courses

  • ACCT 1301 Survey of Accounting
  • BSAD 3303 Business Law
  • BSAD 3367 Management Information Systems
  • ECON 1310 Personal Finance
  • MGMT 3351 Introduction to Management
  • MKTG 3361 Principles of Marketing
  • Business electives, 12 hours (9 advanced)

All HSU students are eligible for the program.

From the Occupational Outlook Quarterly, published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Career preparation may be the primary reason that business is a popular major for undergraduates. Business majors’ coursework in business strategy, statistics, accounting, finance, and operations management gives them skills in quantitative analysis. Research, writing, and presentation assignments enhance their ability to gather, analyze, and present information. Many projects are done in groups, so students learn to work cooperatively. This training is important to employers, a fact reflected in the competitive salary offers that business majors receive when they enter the job market. National Center for Education Statistics data shows that after a year in the workforce, business majors earned about 16 percent more than the average salary for all majors.