Information Systems Degree

Careers in technology are growing fast thanks to our increasingly tech-reliant world. Organizations are embracing new norms like remote work. Many are also moving away from physical storage in favor of digital asset management to cut costs and save space. These trends result in higher demand than ever for skilled information systems experts to handle and secure all that data.

Earning your bachelor’s degree in information systems from Hardin-Simmons University is one of the best ways to become a strong and inspiring business leader in this ever-growing field. Our information systems degree program will prepare you to excel in any industry through a balanced combination of computer programming, applied computer science, and business management courses. Graduates go on to find meaningful careers as information systems managers, IT consultants, systems analysts, database administrators, and more.

What You’ll Learn in the Computer Information System Major

As an information system major, you’ll experience a well-rounded program that will prepare you to feel at home both in both the board room and in the back office.

Build complex computer skills necessary for careers in IT such as fluency in programming languages, networking basics, accounting, and business management. In addition, we’ll make sure you stand out both in the job market and on the job with soft skills such as creative problem-solving, ability to collaborate, professionalism, and attentiveness to detail.

If you’re interested in the security end of information systems, our Cybersecurity Minor is an ideal complement to your computer information system degree.

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Dr. Terry Sergeant- Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Terry Sergeant

Professor of Computer Science

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Why Earn Your Degree in Information Systems at HSU?

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Direct Path to MBA

Interested in getting an MBA to increase job opportunities and salary potential? We’ve designed our computer information system degree program so you can start earning HSU’s MBA before you graduate with your bachelor’s degree.

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Well-Rounded Degree in Information Systems

While you build a solid foundation in topics like business management and accounting, you’ll also get the opportunity to take two semesters of computer programming to ensure that you understand every facet of IT from the inside out.

Supportive Community

Benefit from the years of experience our information system major faculty bring to the class. They’ve demonstrated excellence for years both inside and outside the classroom in various IT areas. Our small class sizes ensure that you’ll receive the attention and support you need from peers and caring faculty members.

What Can You Do With an Information System Degree?

Nearly every industry in the world relies on computer systems and networks. As an information system major at HSU, you’ll combine core business training with technical skills that will help you interact with people and computers equally every day on the job. Past graduates of HSU’s information systems degree work as IT consultants, software developers, and database administrators. They work in internationally renowned organizations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Sirius XM.

With a computer information system degree from HSU, you’ll also benefit from an exceptional job outlook. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for information systems managers is expected to grow 11% over the next decade, adding over 42,000 new jobs each year.

Top Jobs for Information Systems Majors

  • Application analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Information systems manager
  • IT consultant
  • IT technical support officer
  • Software engineer

Salary for Information Systems Graduates

The estimated annual salary of alumni from our Information Systems program is $80,895.

Program Details

Hardin-Simmons University takes pride in the exceptional high-value of its computer information system degree program. Learn more about financial aid options for information system majors.