• Hall of Leaders

    Established in 2001, the Hardin-Simmons University Hall of Leaders provides for permanent recognition of graduates, former students and former employees who have distinguished records of achievement and proven themselves as men and women of good character.

    The Hall of Leaders is located in the Elwin L. Skiles Social Science Building on the first-floor circular corridor.

    The Hall of Leaders was made possible by a generous gift in 2001 from Inez Kelley of Houston, Texas, and her late husband, Dr. Doyle Kelley.

  • Inductees

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    2001A.B. "Stormy" SheltonHarte-Hanks Communications, Inc., 1937 View Bio
    2013Ann Margaret (Smith) CoodyB.A. 1959View Bio
    2013Bobby Dan Davis BlockerEx. 1946View Bio
    2018Bruce EvansCorporate Executive – VolunteerView Bio
    2001 Carl Coke RisterUniversity of Oklahoma, 1915View Bio
    2001 Charles P. McLaughlinBaptist General Convention of Texas, BA 1941View Bio
    2012Charles Wesley Logsdon Jr.B.A. 1929, HSU TrusteeView Bio
    2002Clyde "Bulldog" TurnerPro Football Player, 1940View Bio
    2011Col. (Ret.) L. Bryan Shelburne Jr.Leader and Commander of the U.S. Army Band, BM 1965View Bio
    2013Commodore Vanderbilt Wood Jr.Ex 1939View Bio
    2002 Conrad Ramsey Lam, M.DCardiac Surgeon, 1927View Bio
    2008Consuelo Castillo KickbuschUS Army Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), Motivational Speakers, BS 1976View Bio
    2009Daniel YearyPastor, BA 1961View Bio
    2004David Scott "Scotty" HollandOil Executive and GeologistView Bio
    2012Delma Dale HaralsonBBA 1959, HSU Trustee View Bio
    2004Dossie Marion WigginsUniversity Administrator, 1919View Bio
    2015Dr. Bertie KingoreProfessor and Education Innovator View Bio
    2006Dr. Betty Pearce StephensonAnesthesiologist, BA 1947View Bio
    2003Dr. Dellanna (West) O'BrienBaptist Women's Missionary Union, 1953 View Bio
    2018Dr. Elwin L. SkilesPastor – University PresidentView Bio
    2006Dr. Francis McBethComposer Laureate of Arkansas, BM 1954View Bio
    2014Dr. George NewmanProfessor, Public Servant, RancherView Bio
    2017Dr. H. K. NeelyUniversity Administrator – TheologianView Bio
    2003Dr. Henry Bryce JordanPennsylvania State University President, 1942View Bio
    2003Dr. Jefferson Davis Sandefer Sr.HSU President 1909-1940View Bio
    2007Dr. Jesse Conrad FletcherHSU President Emeritus, Community Leader, Church Historian, and AuthorView Bio
    2007Dr. Lee HemphillPastor, HSU Vice President, BA 1929View Bio
    2007Dr. Peter James FlammingPastor, BA 1955View Bio
    2006Dr. Truett LatimerFormer State Representative, Film Producer, and Former President of the Houston Museum of Natural ScView Bio
    2007Dr. William E. "Bill" ThornDallas Baptist University President Emeritus and Motivational Speaker, BA 1948View Bio
    2006Dr. Willis WhitfieldPhysicist, BS 1952View Bio
    2018Elta Joyce McAfeePhilanthropist – Community LeaderView Bio
    2002Eugene HolmanExxonMobile Corporation, 1916 View Bio
    2001F. Earl IngersonGeology, BA 1928; MA 1931View Bio
    2003Fess Elisha Parker Jr.Actor, Ex 1947View Bio
    2006Frank JunellNoted West Texas Civic Leader, BA 1934View Bio
    2012Gene AdamsBBA 1954, MA 1962, HSU TrusteeView Bio
    2001 George Herman MahonU.S. Congress, BA 1924 View Bio
    2007George S. AndersonHSU Trustee 1903-1964View Bio
    2005Glen BurroughsOil Industry Executive, BA 1949 and MA 1950View Bio
    2005Gordon WoodTexas High School Football Coach, BS 1938 and MEd 1952View Bio
    2016Harry T. BradleyPublic ServantView Bio
    2009Helen Jean (Bond) ParksMissionary, BA 1948View Bio
    2015Hilton HemphillInvestments Executive and Christian LeaderView Bio
    2002Holman JenkensLaw Firm, Jenkens and Gilchrist, 1938 View Bio
    2015Honorable John G. HydeDistrict Judge and Community LeaderView Bio
    2017Hon. Samuel J. Carroll, IIIMilitary Leader – JudgeView Bio
    2018Ivan I. Smith, Jr.Business Owner – Community LeaderView Bio
    2008Jack T. MartinHead Basketball Coach, Lamar University; Texas Air National Guard Brevet Brigadier General, BS 1948View Bio
    2009James B. SimmonsHSU Benefactor, PastorView Bio
    2016James E. PorterEducator, Public ServantView Bio
    2013James Magee ParkerB.B.A. 1951View Bio
    2002 Jefferson Davis Sandefer Jr.Oil Industry, 1920View Bio
    2011Jesse Coleman Hunter Jr.Mayor of Abilene, Oilman, Rancher, Ex 1934View Bio
    2005Joe BlackGolf Pro, Ex 1955View Bio
    2014John G. HardinBenefactorView Bio
    2004John Hanna BrewerMicrobiologist, 1930/1932View Bio
    2002John Leland "Lee" AtwoodNorth American Aviation, Inc., 1926 View Bio
    2008John Powell ClaytonDepartment of Religion Chair, Boston University, BS 1964View Bio
    2014Johnnie Lou Avery BoydProfessional and Community LeaderView Bio
    2012Judge Clifton Mott CaldwellHSU Trustee 1919-1965View Bio
    2005Julius OlsenHSU Dean, 1902-1942View Bio
    2005Katharyn DuffJournalist, BA 1936View Bio
    2011Koma Beryl (Mahler) FieldsChurch and Community Leader, BA 1940View Bio
    2012Koreen Willcox Logsdon HemphillStudent 1926-1932View Bio
    2011Krivin Kade LegettJudge, Attorney, Civic Leader, Founder and Charter HSU TrusteeView Bio
    2017Linda C. CarletonUniversity Dean – Community LeaderView Bio
    2016Lucile Gilbert SandeferFirst Lady of Hardin-Simmons UniversityView Bio
    2007Maridell (Fisher) FryarTeacher/Administrator, BA 1957View Bio
    2004Marijohn (Melson) WilkinMusician and Song WriterView Bio
    2008Marion B. McClureHSU Cowboy Band Director, BA 1933View Bio
    2014Mary C. HardinBenefactorView Bio
    2002Maye Bell TaylorMissionary, 1929View Bio
    2001Mildred Paxton MoodyFirst Lady of Texas, 1917View Bio
    2008Moxley FeatherstonFederal Judge, BA 1935View Bio
    2008Nita Brooks LewallenCowgirl Hall of Fame, Ex 1943View Bio
    2006O.C. PopeWest Texas Church Founder and HSU President 1898-1901View Bio
    2002 Omar Truman BurlesonU.S. Congress, 1926 View Bio
    2005Oscar Henry Cooper5th HSU President 1902-1909View Bio
    2017Pauline M. RichardsonUniversity First Lady – ProfessorView Bio
    2010Robert M. WagstaffAttorney/Legislator, BA 1913View Bio
    2010Roy C. Crane JrCartoonist, Ex 1919View Bio
    2001 Rupert H. JohnsonInvestment Banking, BA 1922 View Bio
    2001Rupert N. RichardsonHardin-Simmons University, 1912 View Bio
    2001Ruth Legett JonesPhilanthropy, BA 1913View Bio
    2014Samuel Phillip WilsonPublic Servant and Business LeaderView Bio
    2013Shirley Ann (Narmour) O’DellB.A. 1953View Bio
    2002Sid W. RichardsonPhilanthropy, 1912View Bio
    2004Virginia (Boyd) ConnallyPhysician, 1933View Bio
    2010Virginia (Randel) BurroughsServant Leader, BA 1950View Bio
    2001 W. Hines SimsChurch Music, 1928 View Bio
    2001W.B. IrvinEducation, BA 1921; MA 1927View Bio
    2009William P. "Dub" WrightOil Executive, Longtime HSU BOT ChairView Bio
    2001William Thomas ReidNorthwestern University, 1926View Bio
    2003William TippenTexas Congress and Texas Senate, 1943View Bio
    2004Willie Leo ScottAdjutant General of Texas, 1947/1949 View Bio
    2003Zollie Coffer SteakleyTexas Supreme Court Justice, 1929View Bio
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