Sarah Nielsen-HSU Master of Science in Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation Featured Story

"Even though the classes were online, the professors still cared about me."

Hardin-Simmons’ online KSPR program was beneficial to me because I was pretty busy as a graduate assistant athletic trainer and a graduate fellow. Because of my athletic training jobs, it was hard to attend the night classes that were offered. The online classes made it easier to do the classes when I was free or when I was traveling with the teams. I didn’t have to worry about missing classes due to travel trips either.

I’ve had really good experiences with the online classes. There were some that I was able to do at my own pace, and there were others that had a lot of online interaction with others – so, I was still able to connect with my classmates. It was always interesting to see the comments and views of others in the class.

Even though the classes were online, the professors still cared about me. They would contact me via email or phone to make sure that I understood the assignments or make sure I knew why I got the grade I got. They were open for questions and their responses were always quick.

I finished the KSPR program, and I am now a full-time athletic trainer at Hardin-Simmons. On a daily basis, I use the things I learned in my Sport Law, Sports Psychology, and Sports Management classes. Other classes, like Facilities Design, I may use in the future if I ever open my own athletic training clinic for extreme sports athletes. I also use my Statistics class when reading research articles for athletic training, and I will use it in the future when I start to do my own research.