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Welcome to the School of Fine Arts where faith, learning, and the arts come together.  Our mission is to prepare aspiring artists and educators for purposeful careers in the contemporary worlds of art, music and theatre through an education enlightened by Christian faith and values. Our degree programs in art, music, and theatre offer a wide array of opportunities, experiences, and career paths for students interested in pursuing the visual and performing arts.

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Our students work hard at their chosen craft, and their rewards are public performances and exhibits ... which means their rewards can be your rewards! Tickets are available to our plays, musicals, operas, concerts, and many of our art exhibits and recitals are free to the public. Come see us and imagine what it will be like when you're on stage as an HSU student, or bring your family for entertainment that is uniquely available here in Abilene!

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Department of Art

The Department of Art provides direction and inspiration to student artists in pursuit of their individual artistic goals. The structure of our studio classes provides constructive individual and group criticism facilitated by award-winning HSU art faculty.

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Department of Theatre

The Department of Theatre at HSU provides undergraduates with the opportunity to examine the various theories and styles of the theatre and offers them opportunities to experience creatively and critically the artistic skills of this discipline.

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HSU students playing the piano, reading music, and playing the tuba

School of Music

The School of Music provides opportunities for creative, culturally enriching experiences for the university community. Our program emphasizes academic excellence, creativity, and aesthetic and spiritual growth. The School of Music faculty encourages artistic expression in all facets; become a rock star!

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