Strategic Communication Degree

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Shape narratives as a communication catalyst.

A degree in strategic communication empowers you to convey messages, influence perceptions, and drive meaningful outcomes, making you an indispensable asset in today’s dynamic and competitive professional landscape. From public relations and marketing to corporate communication and political campaigning, strategic communication opens doors to success in various fields.

Do you dream of a career as the voice of an organization, business, or political campaign? Earning a strategic communication degree from Hardin-Simmons University will provide you with the training, experience, and connections to succeed in one of the most fast-paced and exciting career fields.

If you’re like many students considering our program, you’re probably asking, “What can you do with a communication degree?” Well, as a communication degree major at HSU, you’ll open the door to a wealth of careers in industries and organizations as diverse as government, film and video, tourism, sports, journalism, churches, and much more.

Through a balance of theory and hands-on learning, you’ll master the fundamentals of communicating face to face, through multimedia and social media platforms. You’ll develop and strengthen foundational skills like public speaking, writing, and networking — skills that can help you stand out in any industry.

Career Preparation

As a communication major at HSU, you’ll build an impressive digital portfolio to document your many accomplishments and skills. You’ll prepare videos, webpages, a resume, and a digital archive of your work and experience to craft and sell your personal brand to employers and graduate programs. You’ll be more than ready for the job market thanks to mock job interviews with both professors and outside professionals.

Why Earn Your Degree in Communication at HSU?

Why Earn Your Degree in Communication at HSU?

Hands-on Experience

As you earn your bachelor’s degree in communication, you’ll have many chances to gain real-world experience through work-study programs in our university marketing offices and in our video production truck at special events around campus. In addition, each communication major completes an internship in their junior or senior year.

Active Student Life

Our communication majors often form lasting personal and professional relationships with each other and faculty members. You can meet and work with other communication majors working for our online news publication, “The Brand,” or our alumni publication, “Range Rider.”

Experienced Faculty

Thanks to engaging classes, you’ll get to work closely with faculty who promote student-centered learning environments. Are you still wondering, “What can you do with a communications degree?” Let our distinguished and highly accomplished faculty mentors show you firsthand what kinds of career opportunities await you after graduation.


What can you do with a communication degree from Hardin-Simmons University? Simple: A lot! The core skills you’ll master as you earn your bachelor’s degree in communication apply to any industry where creativity, communication, and leadership are embraced. Our communication majors go on to work in advertising and marketing, film, television and radio, social media journalism, social media marketing, politics, management, sales, self-published blogs, church media and other ministries, education, city coordination, city management, event planning, nonprofit organizations, and so much more.

With the balance of theoretical and hands-on training our communication majors receive, they are sought after in prestigious graduate programs around the country for their expertise and experience working with professionals.

How much can you make with a communication major?

The median annual salary for media and communication jobs was $62,340 in May 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment for media and communication specialists is predicted to grow 14 percent through 2030, faster than average for all occupations.

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  • Scholarships and Awards for Communication Majors

    We take great pride in the affordability and accessibility of our degree in communication, and we strive to make sure that our students can earn their bachelor’s degree in communication with as little financial burden as possible. That’s why we offer many scholarships and awards to help our communication degree majors pay for their education.

    Emogene Emery Speech Communication Scholarship
    The scholarship was established in 1970 by Miss Emogene Emery, a departmental faculty member from 1945 to 1977, and Chair of Department of Communication, in memory of Miss Emery’s parents. The award typically goes to a student pursuing secondary speech teacher certification. Continued academic achievement allows the recipient to retain the scholarship for more than one year.

    Wright Public Speaking Award
    The Wright Public Speaking Award was created through Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Wright, Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Wright, Jr. in 1980. This award is given to a communication major that exhibits positive public speaking skills regularly, whether through involvement with campus organizations, internships, or part-time employment.

    Kincaid Journalism Award
    The Naomi Kincaid Journalism Award was established in 1972 through a bequest under the will of the late Mrs. Lee Kincaid. The award is in the form of a recognition plaque and a small monetary gift, given to the communication major that has proven him/herself as an outstanding member of the department.

    Mildred Paxton Moody Endowed Memorial Scholarship
    This scholarship was established in honor of Mrs. Mildred Maxton Moody by her friends. Mrs. Moody was the first editor of The Brand, graduated from HSU in 1916 and was a “First Lady” of Texas. The recipient has to be a communication major with strengths in either written or oral communication, with preference given to writing ability.

    Sinclair Scholarship
    Original endowment was created when the HSU debate team won a collegiate debate, sponsored by the Sinclair Oil Company in 1961 and 1962, broadcast on the TV program “Young America Speaks.” The recipient shall be a communication major exhibiting skills in public speaking and positive representation of the department.

    Zabloudil/McClure Endowed Scholarship
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles McClure established the scholarship in honor of Jake Zablousil, Mrs. McClure’s twin brother. Mrs. McClure graduated from HSU in 1939, and Mr. McClure in 1942. The intent of the scholarship was to provide an opportunity for students to enjoy learning and to broaden and enrich their university experience. The departmental recipient should demonstrate a desire to learn and must maintain a sound GPA.

    Nancy Nell Cox Walter Endowed Scholarship
    This scholarship was established in honor of Nancy Nell Cox Walter by her children. Mrs. Walter was named “Most Outstanding Journalism Teacher in the United States” by Columbia University in New York City and was a teacher at Cooper High School in Abilene, Thus, the award goes to a communication major with strong academic skills and excellent representation of the department.

    Jack and Sue Bradford Endowed Memorial Scholarship
    Sue Savage Bradford originally established this scholarship in honor of her husband, Jack C. Bradford, both HSU alumni. The Bradfords were residents of Sweetwater, running both a successful insurance agency and renowned registered Hereford stock. Recipients must use the Holy Bible as their textbook and typically study journalism, public relations, or mass media. Several recipients are chosen each academic year for this scholarship.

    Koma Beryl Fields Endowment for Communication
    The Koma Beryl Fields Endowment for Communication was established in March 2006 to benefit the Department of Communication at Hardin-Simmons University. The endowment is established in appreciation for the work of the department in the development of communication materials produced by the department relative to the preservation of the historically significant Charles Goodnight home place in the Texas Panhandle.

    Mrs. Koma Beryl Fields is a loyal and faithful supporter of Hardin-Simmons University. Mrs. Koma Beryl (Mahler) Fields is a 1940 alumna of the institution and currently serves on the HSU Board of Development. In addition, Mrs. Fields has served a full nine-year term on the Hardin-Simmons University Board of Trustees.

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