Frost Center for the Visual Arts

The Art Department is housed in the Frost Center for the Visual Arts building. The Frost center hosts 25,000 square feet of studios and creative workspaces including:

  • Individual studio classrooms for all drawing and painting courses
  • A 3D design sculpture studio with various hand tools and worktables
  • A separate wood working shop with various power tools for cutting wood materials
  • A ceramics Studio with several kilns, throw wheels, work tables and preparation rooms
  • A large photo/video shooting studio space with equipment for video production and photographic work
  • An iMac computer lab with a laser printer, photo inkjet printers, and a 3D printer
  • A photography darkroom space complete with enlargers, film developing rooms, and print finishing space
  • A lecture hall space for hosting art history courses and lectures
  • A digital printing and finishing room with a large format Epson 8990 inkjet printer, a large format rotary paper cutter and a mat cutter
  • A large multipurpose studio for courses in printmaking, 2D Design, and art education
  • A student common area with kitchen space and couches for hanging out and studying

There are also six private student studios that are competitively awarded to art majors.

Ira M. Taylor Memorial Gallery

Within the Frost Center is also the Ira M. Taylor Memorial Gallery which hosts a variety of exhibitions from local and national artists, to student art shows. Ira M. Taylor Memorial Gallery was dedicated and named for Ira M. Taylor on November 6, 1993. As a teacher for 23 years prior to his death in 1993, Professor Taylor served 21 of those years as chair of the department. He had a conviction of a strong relationship between art and his Creator and effectively communicated that conviction to his students, colleagues, and other friends with confidence and sensitivity. His vision was instrumental in making the Frost Center for the Visual Arts a reality in 1987.

Feb. 3 – Mar. 19, 2020: Joshua Gallas: Director’s Cut
Reception: Thursday, March 19, 5-6:30 p.m.

Mar. 30–Apr. 2, 2020: Student Art Competition
Reception and Awards: Thursday, April 2, 5-6:30 p.m.

Apr. 27–May 8, 2020: Senior Show
Reception: Thursday, April 30, 7-6:30 p.m.