Christian Studies

The Christian Studies major at Logsdon School of Theology equips women and men called to join God’s work in the world through a ministry vocation or who are interested in Biblical or theological studies.

Our students in ministry track will:

  • Develop critical skills for interpreting the Bible and applying its message
  • Construct a foundation in theology, church history, and Christian ethics
  • Imagine how to engage in contextual ministry
  • Learn ministry practices in an experiential manner
  • Integrate theological reflection in the practice of ministry
  • Experience contextualized learning through mentoring in an internship

In the Theological Studies track, students will:

  • Learn methods of biblical interpretation
  • Learn to read the Bible in its original languages
  • Study the history of the church
  • Study key figures and movements in theology
  • Learn to analyze and critique current ethical and theological trends
  • Learn to articulate their own theological and religious perspective
  • Learn to communicate historical, theological and religious topics to a broad audience
  • Develop skills in research, writing and critical thinking

Our Biblical Studies trackprovides students with a strong foundation in Christian Scripture. Through this track, students learn:

  • How the Bible developed
  • The history and culture of the biblical world
  • How to interpret Scripture in its context
  • The relevance of the Bible for today’s world
  • How to communicate the message of Scripture
  • How to read the Bible in its original languages.

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Larry McGraw- HSU Associate Dean School of Theology

Dr. Larry R. McGraw

Associate Dean of the Logsdon School of Theology; Professor of Bible

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  • Christian Studies

Studying Ministry at Logsdon School of Theology?

student holding Bible open

Centrality of Scripture

We invite students to join us in discovering the God whom Scripture reveals by emphasizing the importance of biblical interpretation throughout our degree program.

night view of HSU ministry building

Called & Committed to Church & Community

At Logsdon, we strive to help our students to be formed into God’s image so that they might serve all created in God’s image. Whether in the church or in the community, we are committed to helping students find their place in joining God’s redemptive work.

Ministry major giving a lecture

Experiential Learning

A ministry education at Logsdon values classroom-learning, but also provides opportunities for students to step outside the classroom in order to engage in experiential learning.

Adam Kovach-HSU Ministry Major

Program Details

All courses and course descriptions for each degree type can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog:

All HSU students are eligible for this program.

Graduates with a ministry major:

  • Are formed and equipped to live a faithful Christian life in any occupation
  • Minister in churches as pastors, youth ministers, children’s ministers, education ministers, music ministers, college ministers, women’s ministers, missions ministers, etc.
  • Serve as global or local missionaries/field personnel, or in ministry-related organizations such as various social justice ministries or para-church organizations
  • Further their education by pursuing a graduate degree in ministry or religion

Our Biblical Studies graduates have gone on to:

  • Study in seminary
  • Earn advanced degrees for academic careers
  • Serve churches as pastors and in other ministries

Our Theological Studies graduates have gone on to:

  • Earn advanced degrees at top-tier universities and seminaries for careers in academics
  • Study at seminaries in preparation for the pastorate and missional work
  • Serve churches as pastors and other various support ministries
  • Work at non-profit and secular businesses seeking to fulfill non-traditional callings

Financial Assistance Information for Undergraduate Ministerial Students

Hardin-Simmons University and Logsdon School of Theology is committed to helping future ministers afford theological education and ministry preparation. Due to the generous gifts of numerous individuals, foundations, and institutions, significant scholarship opportunities exist for all undergraduate ministry students.

Get more information about financial assistance for undergraduate ministerial students.