Christian Studies Degree

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Grow your faith with a firm Biblical foundation.

If you feel the calling to dig deeper into scripture on your journey as a servant to God, a degree in Christian Studies provides you with the foundation you need to feel confident in your work as a missionary or in your pursuit of seminary.

Are you called to a life of faith and service? We invite you to join us in discovering the God whom scripture reveals, in a unique Christian ministry degree program that focuses on equipping those who are interested in ministry as a vocation or applying Biblical principles to their chosen career field.

The Christian Studies major at Hardin-Simmons University is distinguished by our focus on scripture and connection both locally and globally. You’ll study key figures and theological constructs while you discover the relevance of the Bible for today’s world. You’ll also have opportunities to take what you’ve learned and apply it with practical, hands-on ministry through local internships and mentoring opportunities.

Our commitment to each other is central to who we are. At HSU, you’ll become part of a family with your faculty and peers — working together in our historic Logsdon School of Theology building which houses the Logsdon Chapel. When you graduate, you’ll be equipped to serve and prepared for graduate study or seminary.

What You’ll Learn in the Christian Studies Program

As a Christian Studies major, you’ll build a foundation in theology, church history, ministry, and biblical studies, while developing skills for interpreting the Bible and applying its message. You’ll study the history of the church, as well as key figures and movements in theology. You’ll also discover the relevance of the Bible for today’s world, and learn to articulate your own theological and religious perspective, developing skills in research, writing, and critical thinking.

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of ministry and theology, our Christian Studies minor also offers an ideal complement to any field of study.

Jobs for Our Christian Ministry Degree Graduates

  • Church minister or pastor
  • Youth minister
  • Education minister
  • Social justice minister
  • Missionary

Why Earn Your Christian Studies Degree at Hardin-Simmons?

Why Earn Your Christian Studies Degree at Hardin-Simmons?

Commitment to Church and Community

Our desire is to help students develop in their understanding of who God is so that they can better serve others. Whether in the church or in the community, we are committed to helping students find their place in joining God’s redemptive work.

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Help With Education Expenses

We are dedicated to offering an affordable ministry degree to all students called to service. All Christian Studies majors at Hardin-Simmons receive a scholarship. Students who are from Texas Baptist churches also receive a Ministerial Grant from the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

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Experiential Learning

As a Christian Studies major, you’ll combine academic coursework with practical hands-on experiences such as internships in local churches, non-profit ministries, and hospital chaplaincy. Our Ministerial Guidance Office connects you to churches and other ministry opportunities.


Seminaries, graduate schools, and churches regularly remark about the level of preparation which Logsdon School of Theology students have shown in the classroom and in ministry. Our graduates have proven themselves, again and again, to be formed and equipped to live a faithful Christian life in any occupation.

Most of our ministry degree graduates continue their training at various seminaries or go on to earn advanced degrees in ministry or religion. Christian Studies majors also often supplement their ministry studies with minors in fields such as Honors, Psychology, Communication, or Business Administration.

“As a ministry major, one of the reasons that I’ve stayed here is my professors. I can definitely see that they’re passionate about what they’re teaching. My professors told me that their main focus wasn’t on tests, but on challenging and equipping students to develop their own theology. They said that they don’t want to teach at students, but to grow with them as they learn from us too. They challenged me to think about why I believe what I believe. From my freshman to senior year, I can tell that I have grown and matured so much both in my faith and who I am as a person.”

Adam Kovach

Adam Kovach-HSU Ministry Major

Scholarships for Christian Studies Majors

Hardin-Simmons University and Logsdon School of Theology are committed to helping future ministers afford theological education and ministry preparation. Because of the generous gifts of numerous individuals, foundations, and institutions, significant scholarship opportunities exist for all undergraduate ministry students.

Social Work Program


Music, Worship Leadership Concentration


Social Work & Psychology Degree