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There are two different types of scholarships, both of which meet crucial needs of our students:

An endowed scholarship is perpetual because only the earnings are used. The principal remains intact, generating income every year to be awarded to students who meet the criteria that the donor selects. Donors may select some criteria such as financial need or major field of study. An endowed scholarship creates a legacy that benefits students for generations to come.

An endowed scholarship may be created in honor or memory of a loved one, a favorite professor, or a fellow class member. Many of our donors have created scholarships in tribute to loved ones, and make additional gifts to the scholarship on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.

A scholarship award is used in the year in which it is given. The current impact is greater than that of an endowed scholarship, but once the scholarship is awarded, the funds are depleted. Some of our donors choose to fund scholarship awards with annual gifts.  As with endowed scholarships, donors may select some criteria of the recipient(s) and may pay tribute to the honor or memory of someone special in their lives.

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HSU Scholarship Donations

By supporting The Annual Scholarship Fund, you're investing in students, providing the opportunity to earn a degree based on Christian values.

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Alumni Relations Scholarships

Students are eligible to apply for the following scholarships through the Office of Alumni Relations. Click on the links below to read each scholarship’s specific criteria.

Children and grandchildren of HSU alumni are eligible to apply. For more information, contact alumni@hsutx.edu.

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Endowed Scholarship Erin Greer Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Awarded by the BYA Scholarship Committee to junior and senior students based on nomination by a faculty or staff member, application, references, and interviews.

Christlieb Program & Scholarship

Some students arrive without families, missing the emotional and financial support to get through college. Students who classify as independent do not have a family member’s support to attend college. The university has committed to assisting these independent and self-supporting students with tuition and living expenses through the Christlieb sponsorship program and award.

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