• Pillars

    The Student Life functional areas are organized in a way that supports our dedication to student success. The philosophical foundation is called the “Co-Curricular Learning Environment” in order to communicate the role played by Student Life at the university. Co-curricular and Learning both speak specifically to the partnership with academic affairs and the vast and critical “outside-the-classroom” arena. The five pillars are built upon this foundation, and are tied to specific University Goals. These are:

    1. Promoting Engaged Student Learning
      Infuse STUDENT environments and student life programming with activities that target intellectual growth by enhancing classroom learning
    2. Encouraging Spiritual Formation and Understanding Calling
      Promote STUDENT spiritual and moral development and the understanding of all of life as service by exposing them via programs and experiences to the central tenets of the Christian faith and encouraging personal exploration of values, ethics, and morality
    3. Cultivating an Integrated Perspective on Life
      Provide services that encourage STUDENTS to lead healthy lifestyles and promote holistic attitudes and behaviors
    4. Strengthening Campus Community
      Enhance experiences to encourage meaningful STUDENT involvement leading to a purposeful, open, just, disciplined and engaged community
    5. Designing Intentional Pathways that Foster Leadership
      Empower STUDENTS to lead by providing diverse experiences that focus on the ability to influence others for good, and enhance existing and develop new transitional experiences that support a STUDENTS’ developmental progression and success through graduation

    These five pillars are best captured by the words Engagement, Calling, Perspective, Community and Leadership. All efforts to strengthen the pillars culminate in an education enlightened by faith and a transformative collegiate experience for our students.

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