School of Theology Announces New Programs

September 9, 2019 Grace Sosa, Staff Writer

(ABILENE, Texas) The Logsdon School of Theology is pleased to announce two new undergraduate programs: a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and a Bachelor of Behavioral Science in Worship Ministry. These programs were created to help theology students select the major best suited to their future goals.

HSU Chapel band leads worship
HSU Chapel band leads worship

Worship Ministry

The new BBS in Worship Ministry is similar to a double major in Music and Ministry. Students will take courses in Music Theory & Composition, Music History & Literature, and Church Music, Bible, Theology, Christian History, and Ministry.

This degree is designed to help students be prepared to be music ministers, but also take on other responsibilities in the church. In many small churches, the music minister also serves as a youth minister, children’s minister, or in other roles. The BBS in Worship Ministry prepares students for diverse ministry opportunities.

Students in the Worship Ministry program have numerous opportunities to practice their skills, from HSU’s choir and chorale to the Cowboy Band, concert band, and chapel band. Students can also participate in a ministry internship or work in a church staff position by going to Logsdon’s Ministry Services Office.

BA in Ministry

Students work with AIC Childare in Kenya
Students work with AIC Childcare in Kenya

Logsdon School of Theology previously only offered a major in Ministry as BBS degree. With the new addition of a BA in Ministry, students can choose to take Spanish to use in the context of missions, or they can take Hebrew or Greek to help them become more proficient in the biblical languages.

Like the BBS, Logsdon’s BA in Ministry equips women and men called to join God’s work in the world through a ministry vocation. Students take courses in theology, church history, ethics, Old and New Testament, and ministry. They also experience mentoring in a ministry internship.

A degree in ministry prepares students for a number of positions in the church, including pastors, youth ministers, children’s ministers, education ministers, music ministers, college ministers, women’s ministers, and missions ministers. Students will also be equipped for local or global missions, social justice ministry, or para-church organizations. Students enrolled in HSU’s ministry program can also receive an additional ministerial scholarship from the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

About the Logsdon School of Theology

Logsdon Chapel Worship
Logsdon Chapel Worship

Logsdon is rooted in the vision of HSU’s founder James B. Simmons, a Baptist pastor who fought to end slavery and to educate all students regardless of race, gender, or religion. Given this rich heritage, Logsdon values diversity, welcoming men and women from all backgrounds. Emerging from a Baptist heritage, Logsdon focuses on the centrality of Scripture, service in and through the church, ethical living, and freedom of conscience.

In the Logsdon community, women and men develop life-long friendships. Students learn from excellent faculty through a variety of means that spill out from the classroom into hallways and coffee shops. Logsdon majors go on pilgrimages to Ireland, minister to children in Peru, and explore the land of the Bible. In the church, they lead worship, teach small groups, facilitate youth retreats, and preach the gospel. Within communities, they serve meals to the homeless, mentor at-risk children, and share God’s love with those who suffer.

Students at Logsdon are grounded in the traditions of scripture and theology of the church. They are equipped to be innovative ministers in a rapidly changing world. Logsdon faculty have rich experience in academics and ministry.