Website and Social Media Policies

HSU Website Policy

We believe that our website ( or HSU Central can accommodate any needs you have as a faculty or staff member of Hardin-Simmons University. Tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will show you what we can do. If we can’t meet your needs on our site, or you can prove that you can accomplish your needs better on a separate site – we will support and assist you in developing your own site.

All content that belongs to Hardin-Simmons University, however, must remain on an HSU platform. That includes all academic programs, coursework required for our SACS accreditation and in conjunction with HSU policy, and any student information that would fall under FERPA or ADA.

If you maintain a personal professional site, we can link out to that information from your online bio or CV with a note that it is not HSU content.

Contact with your website questions or needs.

HSU Social Media Policy

  1. You must receive approval from University Marketing before you start an account using the HSU name. Marketing will review all requests and will help you determine the best platform to accomplish your needs, as well as ensure that there is no existing account that could meet your needs better. Things to consider and relay to Marketing when seeking approval to start a social account:
    1. Who is your audience?
    2. What are your specific needs?
    3. What are your resources – great photos, videos, etc.?
    4. Can you maintain a steady pace of posting at your staffing level?
    5. Would your communication reach your audience better in another channel like email or HSU Central?
  2. Abide by FERPA, HIPPA, ADA, and NCAA policies. Social platforms are not secure communications channels.
  3. All accounts should have a minimum of 2 administrators, including University Marketing, so we can maintain continuity if an employee or student leaves HSU. All HSU named social media accounts must have University Marketing as an administrator.
  4. Do not promote products or services of any kind that are not official HSU sponsors. Promotional posts must be clearly identified as having been sponsored or paid for. Before issuing a promotional post, get recommendations and approval from University Marketing to ensure legality and appropriateness.
  5. Follow the Golden Rule. Measure your words carefully.
  6. Follow the unique Terms of Service that each social media platform provides.
  7. Help us maintain consistency when anybody and everybody experiences HSU. Follow our brand guidelines and adhere to our Mission Statement. Do not alter our logos – that can have trademark implications.
  8. Keep your personal accounts separate from HSU accounts. There’s a big difference in speaking “on behalf of Hardin-Simmons” and speaking “about” Hardin-Simmons. Make good decisions. You are responsible for your actions – and HSU can also experience repercussions (or accolades) as a result of your actions.
  9. Tell us if you want to end the use of a profile so we can help remove it and ensure your fans and followers find another of our accounts if they want to.