Computer Science Degree

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Conquer the complexities of computers

Computer science is a broad field leading to careers that span cyber security, game design, data analytics, and many more. Explore what computers can do with a focus on the creation and testing of software in a program that also involves working with mathematical models, data analysis and security, algorithms, and computational theory. 

Computers and the internet continue to become increasingly ingrained with our work and personal lives. As society’s reliance on these technologies progresses, skilled computer scientists are in higher demand than ever.

With a computer science degree from Hardin-Simmons University, you’ll be prepared to enter the fast-growing field of computer science as an expert developer, cybersecurity technician, network administrator, and so much more.

Our bachelor’s in computer science degree program offers you a balanced combination of in-class practice and hands-on experience working with real-world local companies to help build a robust resume. You’ll benefit from a supportive community of experienced faculty mentors and career advisers so you can excel from your first day to well after graduation.

What You’ll Learn as a Computer Science Major

When you earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science at HSU, you’ll build a strong foundation in coding languages, developing networks, and designing elegant user experiences, among many other skills. You will master these hard skills while also improving soft skills such as creative problem-solving, communication, and professionalism. Combined, these tools will help you stand out both in the job market and in the workplace.

If you’re fascinated by the innerworkings of computers and network systems, our computer science minor also offers a complementary degree to almost any field of study.

Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

  • Software engineer
  • UI/UX designer
  • Data scientist
  • Web developer
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • IT specialist

Why Major in Computer Science at Hardin-Simmons?

Why Major in Computer Science at Hardin-Simmons?

Collaborative and Real-World Learning

Our small class sizes provide many opportunities to collaborate with your peers and build long-lasting professional networks. Our upper-level courses have about 10 students, which means you’ll also receive the attention and support of highly skilled faculty dedicated to helping you succeed every day. Your computer science degree will culminate in a senior project in which you’ll work in a team to solve real-world issues for a local company.

Community Building

The computer science department hosts parties every semester so you can wind down while building lasting friendships with other computer science majors. Carve pumpkins and watch MST3K in the Fall. Spring’s party includes pizza and highly competitive rounds of 9-square.

Seasoned and Knowledgeable Faculty

As a computer science major, you’ll get to work with faculty who have years of experience both inside the classroom and in the professional world. You’ll benefit from their commitment to preparing students for the skills and knowledge you’ll need every day on the job.


Graduates of Hardin-Simmons University’s bachelor’s degree in computer science program go on to work as game designers and programmers, system security engineers, and UX designers. If you are interested in continuing your education, our bachelor’s in computer science provides you with a solid grounding of knowledge and skills to build further experience on.

Enjoy the job security of a growing field when you major in computer science at HSU. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for computer scientists will grow 22 percent within the next decade, adding more than 3,000 new jobs every year.

Salary for Computer Science Degree Graduates

The estimated annual salary of alumni from our Computer Science program is $80,895.

“During my time at Hardin-Simmons I experienced a tremendous amount of growth, both as a programmer and as a person. I’m certain I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the lessons I learned at HSU as well as the friendships and mentors I have gained.”

Samantha Snead

Samantha Sneed

Scholarships and Awards for Computer Science Majors

Hardin-Simmons University takes pride in its commitment to helping future computer scientists afford their educational experience. 

Information Systems Degree


Cybersecurity Minor


Human-Computer Interaction Degree