• Threshold 2017

    Session One – July 10-14, 2017/Session Two – July 17-21, 2017

    Half-day program for students entering K-5 ($100 per session)

    9:30-12:15 OR 1:15-4:00

    • Early Steps for K-1: What’s That Wiggling Under My Toes?
      Did you know that millions of neighbors live right next door? Not people, arthropods! Follow ant adventures and termite towers as you explore snail trails, worm working, lady bug lunches, and pill bug playgrounds. Get down and dirty as you investigate and create creepy crawly habitats.
    • Primary for 2-3: To Infinity...and Beyond!
      Blast off to the depths of space as we explore above and beyond earth! Discover the fascinating wonders of the galaxy as you investigate its hidden treasures. Travel in your mind to distant planets as you create your own space place. To infinity…and beyond!
    • Intermediate for 4-5: Mad Food Scientist Wanted!
      You are what you eat. What you eat may surprise you! How sweet is your favorite sweetener? How copious are your chips? How vigorous are the vitamins in your juice? Develop, create, taste, and test maddening but masterful creations of food. 

    Full-day program for students entering 6-10 ($160 per session)


    Network Groups — 9:30 – 10:15
    Morning Choices — 10:15 - 12:15

    • Building a Nation
      Become the leader of an entire country. Build your own country from scratch. Work with your friends to create a nation and utilize its resources to become a world power. Will you wage war or make peace? Will you flourish or flounder? Do you have what it takes to Build a Nation?
    • Roller Coaster Physics
      Your heart is in your throat and your stomach feels like it’s not attached. A safety harness is the only thing keeping you from disaster. Find out how physics affects roller coasters. Come prepared to design and to blast off on the ride of a lifetime!
    • Criminal Minds
      Search your mental fiber and put the puzzle pieces together to nab the villain! Can you catch the culprit from the evidence at the latest crime scene? Join our investigation and scour the clues under the microscope to connect the dots.

    Lunch (provided for Grades 6-10) — 12:15 – 1:00
    Afternoon Choices — 1:00 – 3:00

    • PENPX GUR PBQR! Codes and Ciphers
      QBLBH UNIRJ UNGVG GNXRF GBPEN PXGUR PBQR? Create codes and ciphers to convey your covert communications! Explore various ways to send secret information with others. Learn the codes of the past and create the ciphers of the future. But first, figure out how to Crack the Code!
    • Markerspace 2: We Make Stuff Up!
      Continue to collaborate, create, explore, and invent in Threshold’s second Makerspace! Design, construct, and share different STEAM products in a Makerfaire/Hackerspace atmosphere. No experience in previous Makerspace sessions necessary!
    • Photo Art - More Than Just Pictures!
      Pictures involve more than saving and sharing memorable moments. Use photographs you take during the week to create stimulating pieces of art. Prepare yourself for an interactive experience with photography and creative design!

    Last Day to Register is June 30, 2017

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