• Threshold 2018

    Session One – July 9-13, 2018/Session Two – July 16-20, 2018

    Half-day Program for Students Entering K-5

    ($100 per session) 9:30-12:15 OR 1:15-4:00

    Early Steps K-1: Wonders of the World

    Swinging Bridges, ice-cold houses, sandy sculptures, and buildings that touch the sky… Did you know that some of these structures are made by animals? Humans? Nature? Come and explore some of the world’s most amazing structures and learn all about their architects. Create crazy 3-dimensional structures and build your own wonders for the entire world to see!

    Primary 2-3: Walk Like an Egyptian

    Have you lost your mummy? Then come and search through the pyramids of ancient Egypt to find it! Having trouble reading that last sentence? You won’t after cracking the code of hieroglyphics! Become an expert Egyptologist and explore giant pyramids, ancient ruins, famous Pharaohs, and some of the greatest structures in the history of the world.

    Intermediate 4-5: Could an ant take a shower?

    Does size matter? Discover big reasons for building small and learn the little things that count when building big. Build structures that will survive the epic battle against the destructive forces of weight, torque, and gravity. Study the physics and mathematics of scale and structure or simply start building and discover what works!

    Full-day Program for Students Entering 6-10

    ($160 per session) 9:30-4:00

    Morning Choices

    Action Contraptions

    Whiz! Bang! Zing . . . through the air, into the cymbal, around the water glasses, and into the trash can! Analyze Rube Goldberg inventions and create your own new and exciting gizmos, gadgets, and contraptions. Take your plans from an abstract idea to reality!

    What’s up Doc(umentary)?

    What stories need telling? What important messages need to be heard about politics, social issues, health, safety, sports, the arts, entertainment? What is the difference between truth and accuracy? In this class, you will learn the art of interviewing and produce a compelling documentary about a topic or issue for which you are passionate. Join us and find out “What’s up!”

    Make Me Laugh!

    Why did the Threshold student cross the road? Probably to get to this class... Why do we laugh? What exactly is comedy? Come explore the structure of comedy while creating comedic skits, stories, memes, and videos. Discover what it takes to Make Me Laugh!

    Afternoon Choices

    Zombie 101

    It was inevitable. Zombies are taking over the Earth. If you aren’t prepared to battle the undead, you will become one! Join us as we learn about the fascinating customs of the dead in our world. Battle through survival challenges to find clean water or heat for cooking and solve problems as we head to our final test, the Zombie Escape room.

    Under Pressure: Go Big or Go Home!

    Do you dream of being an engineer, building extreme structures that will not collapse under pressure? Come learn to design prototypes to withstand natural and man-made forces. All this and more will be water under the bridge (and a sturdy one at that!) once you learn the science of building big.

    That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It

    Whether it’s the same old story or a whale of a tale, you’ll use ancient techniques to cutting edge technology as you learn the process of creation, design, and illustration to tell YOUR story. Check it out, because that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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