Acton M.B.A.

The Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship program is a full-time MBAE housed on its own campus in Austin, Texas, featuring a curriculum based on Harvard-style case discussions and the cohort approach to business education. Hardin-Simmons University is proud to be in partnership with the Acton MBA in Entrepreneurship program.

The Curriculum
Break out of structure, routine and theories – come to Acton for an experience that brings you into a community of exceptional leaders making an extraordinary impact on the world in less than half the time and cost of a traditional MBA program.

Acton begins with a blended learning experience during the first semester of our program. During this initial four-month period, you’ll engage in a series of interactive online courses – including cash and valuation, operations, customers and discovery – to prepare you with a strong foundation to take into the pit on day one of the in-class semester of the program.

Students typically spend about 20-25 hours per week with the material during Pre-Matriculation. The classroom portion of the program begins the next semester and takes place on campus in Austin, TX.

During this intensive second semester, students find themselves working approximately 80-100 hours per week. With only five months of the program required in residence, students often continue working during the first semester, relocating to Austin only for the second and final semester.

Individual Preparation
Acton MBA entrepreneurship classes are focused on cases, each of which requires hours of individual concentration and preparation beforehand. Plan on devoting between five and eight hours of study to analyzing each case in depth. Any less and you’ll be left behind.

Study Groups
Study Groups are like prototypes for class. You’ll arrive at Study Group each morning fully prepared to stand in the shoes of the case’s entrepreneur. Your group will choose a peer to open the case, and for over an hour you’ll describe and defend your positions with them. If you haven’t prepared, it’ll show.

Classes begin with a “cold call,” a challenging question the teacher poses to a single student to open the case. What comes next is eighty furious minutes of analysis, argument, and fervent persuasion. Individual contribution is critical.

Learn How to Learn
Our simulation and case-based curriculum teach you how to listen, think, and clearly communicate. Unlike narrow technical skills that rapidly become obsolete, “learning how to learn” will serve you your entire life.

Learn How to Make Money
Our curriculum arms you with the tools, skills, and judgment necessary to build a thriving business. In every class and in every case, you will be forced to make tough decisions that test your principles until you have earned the intuition of a master entrepreneur.

Learn How to Live a Life of Meaning
Companies cannot survive unless they make money, but life is about more than just maximizing cash flow. Throughout our program you will learn how to balance the demands of family, business, and community while working to discover your calling in business and in life.

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Nancy Kucinski-Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Management

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  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Why is the Acton MBAE so Special?

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Tailored Program

The Acton MBAE is designed just for you - a program built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

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Highly Desirable

Acton MBA has been ranked #1 "Most Competitive Students" by Princeton Review 6 years in a row.

Entrepreneurship First

Acton alumni are compelled to create something important, with 63% of Acton alumni running their own businesses (compared to just 4% across other graduate business programs).

Program Details

Required Courses

  • MBAE 6301 – Discovery – 3 credit hours Introduces students to Life of Meaning course by taking them through a process of personal and professional discovery. They will learn to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses, while beginning to understand basic tools of leadership and business.
  • MBAE 6302 – Cash & Valuation I – 3 credit hours Teaches students how to measure, coordinate and control how costs, profits and cash flow will change with volume and accurately report actual results to others.
  • MBAE 6303 – Customers I – 3 credit hours Teaches students how to listen to customers, manage a sales team and analyze a market so they can predict and achieve revenue targets.
  • MBAE 6305 – Operations I – 3 credit hours Teaches students how to make and deliver products that satisfy a customer’s needs as effectively and efficiently as possible, including lessons on the difficulties of managing operations in the real world.
  • MBAE 6311 – Life of Meaning – 3 credit hours Helps students discover a “calling” by exploring their talents, passions, and most deeply held beliefs and then set concrete goals that lead to lives full of meaningful contributions to others.
  • MBAE 6312 – Life of Meaning II – 3 credit hours Our flagship course puts students in the shoes of real entrepreneurs as they face excruciating dilemmas throughout the lifecycle of a business: choosing an opportunity, launching a business, growing it and harvesting the rewards.
  • MBAE 6313 – Cash & Valuation II – 3 credit hours Takes students on an advanced journey into financial concepts, including GAP and cash-based accounting, as well as corporate valuations, financial modeling and financial communications.
  • MBAE 6314 – Customers II – 3 credit hours Teaches students how to listen to customers, manage a sales team, and analyze a market so they can predict and achieve revenue targets.
  • MBAE 6315 – Operations II – 3 credit hours Teaches students sophisticated operational processes, by putting students in the shoes of entrepreneurs trying to optimize internal processes.
  • MBAE 6206 – Raising Money – 2 credit hours Teaches students how to fund a business by raising the right amount of money, from the right people, at the right time, in the right form, at the lowest possible cost.
  • MBAE 6307 – Opportunity – 3 credit hours Teaches students how to recognize attractive opportunities, determine the skills and assets required to succeed and honestly answer whether an opportunity fits their own talents, dreams, and lifelong goals.
  • MBAE 6308 – Launch – 3 credit hours Teaches students how to gather the people and assets needed to launch a successful venture, craft a deal that adds value for all and survive the first year of operations.
  • MBAE 6309 – Growth – 3 credit hours Teaches students to develop the systems, boundaries, and milestones that encourage sustainable growth.
  • MBAE 6321 – People – 3 credit hours Give students hands-on experience in hiring, evaluating, coaching, and firing people so they can learn to lead an entrepreneurial team.

Start your application to Acton’s MBA program by providing us with some basic information at Once we receive this information, our admissions team will reach out to help you through the rest of the application.

Acton alumni are compelled to create something important, with 63% of Acton alumni running their own businesses (compared to just 4% across other graduate business programs).

Nearly 700,000 new business are started each year, accounting for the creation of more than 3 million jobs. Survival rates for establishments vary by industry. The health care and social assistance industry, for example, consistently ranks among the industries with the highest survival rates over time, while construction ranks among the lowest.